Base model 9,000 euros cheaper

Stuttgart, 25. August 2017

The drawer question, whether the V-class is a heavy car (like Mercedes said), or a Transporter à la VW Multivan (like all the others say), find a buyer probably less interesting. Be sit up and take notice, but when you hear that the car will be in the initial significantly cheaper, due to the new entry-level version of Rise. In addition, a special model is placed in a special Red. Be shown the new products at the Frankfurt auto show IAA (16. - 24. September 2017).

V-class is now already 34.990 Euro

So far, the cheapest Version of the V-class (V 200 d compact with 136 PS) at a cost of 44.018 Euro. The new entry-level version is around 9,000 euros, including, namely, 34.990 Euro. Therefore, we obtain the V 200 d compact Rise. It is powered by the same 136-HP Diesel, and it is also the almost 4.90 meters long compact version with five Seats. Against extra charge you will receive up to eight seats, an automatic transmission, more powerful diesel engine (V 220 d with 163 HP) and 5,14-Meter long version. Among the restrictions is that you can't order the Rise in the extra-long variant and not as the 250 d, with 190 HP like the normal V-class. Also a couple of packages like the "AMG Line" and the "exterior sports package" to stay the Rise of customer withheld.

To find no difference in the equipment

The new base model for just under 35,000 euros is now even cheaper as the only 114 HP diesel version of the Class best-seller VW Multivan (38.163 Euro). But, as the significantly lower price? Mercedes herumgeknabst to the standard equipment? No, we have been able to discover in the Configurator no difference to the equipment of the normal V-class. The facilities include a sliding door on the right, electrically adjustable mirror, electric Windows front, Central locking, air conditioning, USB, Radio, light and rain sensor, as well as a side wind wizard. The latter supports the driver in case of unexpected, strong side gusts of wind. Basically, the Rise so the same car, if you ordered a normal V-class with a few restrictions on the model diversity. It is, therefore, an encoded price reduction. The customer can look forward to.

Limited Edition "designo hyazinthrot metallic"

The second novelty is the V-class Limited Edition "designo hyazinthrot metallic". The 1,500-piece limited edition vehicle for a particularly style-conscious customer always has a extravagant red metallic paint, which is, among other things, of the C - and E-class. In the case of the V-class it is combined as standard with the Night package. The package consists of black Design accents on the exterior and is also available as an optional extra. Other visual Highlights, such as the "AMG Line", can be added on request. The Limited Edition "designo hyazinthrot metallic" is from September 2017 available – not only for the V-class, but also for the fact-based camping mobile Marco Polo and Marco Polo Horizon. The prices for the Limited Edition and the Night package does not Mercedes.(sl)