Aston Martin Valkyrie: New Revelations

Gaydon (UK), 12. July 2017

Formula-1-feelings for two normal grown Central Europeans: So one could describe the key features of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Meanwhile, the "Valkyrie is advanced" and detail to already finished. However, Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and the project partners AF Racing to drive the super sports car from silence.

Strong Formula 1-Influences

In the center of the body development, the points of aerodynamics and lightweight construction. This spring leader: Adrian Newey, head of design Department at "Red Bull Advanced Technologies," and Creator of the ten world car of the formula 1. Strikingly, the mini is a minimalist Cockpit, in the room for two people. Seats in the classic sense, there is not, it is placed in two cups, which is part of the carbon fiber interior. Along the cockpit sides, a so-called "Venturi tunnels", with the help of tons of air to the diffuser at the rear. As a result, the Valkyrie is to deliver an extraordinary amount of output. To facilitate the entry and exit, the steering Wheel as in racing removable.

Cameras instead of side mirrors

Otherwise, the functionality of aerodynamics. There is no classic mirror, but cameras that transmit images on a Display in the A-pillar. Due to the large air intake of the engine on the roof, there is no rear window, which is why a mirror is eliminated. One of the biggest changes compared to the last Valkyrie-all the Openings in the body between the Cockpit and the front wheel arches. You provide more pressure in the front area of the car. As a Bonus, occupants have a clear view on the suspension of the front wheels.

Maximum Lightweight

In addition to the 95 percent of the finished vehicle design, the battle for every gram of a stir. Aston Martin illustrates this using two examples. The reduced to the Essential headlights are 30 to 40 percent lighter than the lightest series of the brand lamps. Particularly misleading is the production of the company logo for the nose of the Valkyrie. It is a chemically etched aluminum Emblem, which is only 70 micro meters thick, and 30 percent thinner than a human hair. At the same time, it is 99.4 per cent lighter than the conventional Emblem. In 2018 the first series-production vehicles the Valkyrie is supposed to be delivered, a maximum, there will be 150 copies.(rh)