A Radeberger, but fast!

Radeberg, August 4, 2014

In Saxony grow not only the most beautiful girls, and the automotive industry is rooted deep here. Audi, Horch, DKW, Wanderer, Sachsenring Trabant and were born here, the works of BMW, Porsche and VW are humming at full speed. Not to mention small manufacturers like Melkus or YES. They have also written history? though not by economic success. With Bernd Nömer now takes again an enthusiast start to conquer with a small series, the big car world. In the Bierstadt Radeberg the engineer wants his " V77 Gran Turismo " build called dream - athletes and has it established the " Vspeed automotive GmbH ".

Mixture of Corvette and Ferrari

The fact that the Corvette C6 serves as a platform donor, does not deny the flounder, especially in the side view. From the front of the V77 recalls for a Ferrari 250 GTO and the designers themselves were also inspired by the classic GTs from Italy at the rear. Such associations also raises the brand logo. It shows a leaping deer instead of a stallion and is shaped like the badge of Lamborghini. Except for the Targa roof, the body was completely rebuilt using CFRP. Thus, the V77 weighs only 1339 kg. The fine-tuning the aerodynamics have been made ​​in the wind tunnel at the Technical University of Dresden.

3.9 seconds to 100 km, 320 km / h top

Like the chassis, and the engine comes from the Corvette. It is a 6.2-liter V8, the V77 with 477 hp in powert and 626 Newton meters of torque. The intake and the complete exhaust system are new designs. So fired, it catapults the Saxony-Ami in 3.9 seconds to 100 and further to 320 km / h. To the front wheels work includes 19-inch wheels with Pirelli - 255mm, rear 's 20-inch model with 305er tires. A Brembo brake system with slotted and ventilated discs and monobloc calipers stop the raging Radeberger again. In addition, the original shock absorber tighter copies of Bilstein were replaced, also the body was moved closer to the tarmac.

Small edition of twelve cars

Currently, the business owner wants only a dozen cars finished. Each copy comes in a red and black dress and applications made of carbon fiber. The interior is enhanced with hand-stitched leather and carbon parts, standard equipment includes automatic air conditioning, a sound system, a navigation system and a keyless system. The trunk has lost a bit of space compared to the C6 Corvette? summarizes the original 634, the storage space of the V77 only 500 liters.

Even the price is sporty

The Saxon Vette is anything but cheap: € 177,000 calls entrepreneur Nömer for his hand-crafted cars in complete equipment on. The price is for that reason alone athletic, because you used to be put down on a Corvette C6 to 65,000 euro and itself costs the current Stingray with 466 hp comparatively only 70,000 euros. For that we are the cheapest Ferrari only from 180.600 Euro, it is the California30 with 490 hp. The V77 could therefore have a chance. First orders are according to Bernd Nömer ago already . (HD)