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Trabant related news

Spanish Volkswagen

Martorell (Spain), May 16, 2017 Every country has its kind of "Volkswagen": the United States was by the Ford Model T Mobile Germany drove VW beetles en masse and the East Germans used their Trabant. Not...

Naked Ostalgie

Stollberg, 20 October 2016 He is simply indestructible: even 27 years after the fall of the wall Trabant on German roads roll over 30,000. Among the fans of the GDR cult cars has become the photographer...

Hot Girls and fine art

Stollberg, October 20, 2015 The match beautiful ladies and fine art good, is no big secret. Even large companies like Pirelli bring annual calendar with the corresponding motives. In the example, the...

Wartburg returns

Eisenach, April 1, 2015 Actually, the plan is still top secret. But it contains a real sensation: Opel is working on a low-level brand. Your name: Wartburg. And the design should be based on the former...

Super cardboard: The Trabi Calendar 2015

Annaberg-Buchholz, October 23, 2014 In popularity, the Trabant ?? quasi the " Beetle of the East" ?? recovered. After many copies have died the death as either down-Wende ridden work cars or hot tuned...

A Radeberger, but fast!

Radeberg, August 4, 2014 In Saxony grow not only the most beautiful girls, and the automotive industry is rooted deep here. Audi, Horch, DKW, Wanderer, Sachsenring Trabant and were born here, the works...