A 115-meter record with a truck

New Mexico (United States), 30 August 2016

It may sound a little like Wild West tale, but just broke the world record for the longest jump with a trophy truck. And strong with a set in a 900 HP off-road trucks over a whole ghost town in the U.S. State of New Mexico.

29 year old American from Las Vegas

Bryce Menzies is the new record holder and he is a 29 year old American from Las Vegas. Menzies is a dominant force in the land of opportunity since his entry into the off-road scene. In his still young career he won three times the legendary Baja 500 and also in races like the Mint 400, the TORC Pro 2 Championship or the Red Bull Frozen rush he was often victorious.

900 HP, front wheel drive and a huge Pack

Back to the new world record: after a six-month period flew Menzies stolze, 115 metres far in his offroad-Pro-2-truck equipped with 900 HP and front-wheel drive and powdered so that the existing and verified record of 92 meters, as well as a further but unofficial record with a width of over 101 meters.

Accident at trial leap from broadcasting

Wanted the team during a live broadcast on August 27, 2016 at Red Bull TV the own record or even to a few meters casualties after of Menzies improve, but at one of the last training jumps with his truck. The Crashbilanz? The good security arrangements from the landing area and the vehicle itself, the pilot could leave the cockpit almost unharmed. There was "Only" a broken shoulder and after a short stay in hospital, Menzies was released on the same day.

"It was the greatest moment of my life"

"I am very happy about the outcome," said Menzies. "We have broken the world record and flew 115 meters in a truck. It was my dream, and when this became a reality, it was so surreal. It was the greatest moment of my life. I'm glad I did it. I came with a broken shoulder, which is not so bad, after all I am now in the Guinness book." (ml)