Opel boss confirms: 'We will definitely build a new electric Manta'

The legendary model will return in a few years

With more than a million copies sold in eighteen years, we can label the Opel Manta as successful. The popularity was revived a while ago by a bunch of antisocial Brabanders. More recently, Opel stole the hearts of many car enthusiasts by building the Manta GSe. Those same car geeks are now happy again: Opel is going to put an electric Manta into production.

The redeeming word comes from Florian Huettl, who has been at the helm of Opel since last year. He tells the German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine : 'We are going to build a new electric Manta, but it will not be a retro product, so not an electric Manta that is comparable to the old Manta A or B.' Huettl does not elaborate further on the Manta GSe concept in the photos accompanying this article. Consider that a fun project and style exercise.

A mix of old and new in the electric Opel Manta

“We are inspired by what defined the Manta at the time, but also by what is interesting about a Manta today,” says Huettl. We think it should be apple green, have a subwoofer in the back and be controllable with your forehead. According to Huettl, the new Manta should above all be 'contemporary', but you can still feel and see the old version in the new model.

'The new Manta will appeal to fans of the old one, but will also appeal to those who have never seen a Manta before. With a pure retro Manta, Opel would only delight people who once loved the Manta," the Opel boss adds. In 'a few years' the electric Manta should be in Opel showrooms. Huettl cannot say when exactly.

Electric Opels are becoming cheaper

Huettl does not yet know what the new Manta will cost. He does say that the prices of electric Opels are going down. 'We will succeed in offering electric cars for around 25,000 euros with the next generation of our platforms. We are working hard on that. One thing is certain: electric cars are becoming cheaper.' Now the cheapest electric Opel is the Corsa Electric, which costs 34,999 euros.

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