Volvo shows how aerodynamic trucks can be with the SuperTruck 2

The truck has a special cabin and a boat tail

In 2016, ministers from the US Department of Energy challenged Volvo to build the most efficient truck possible. To make it measurable, the ministry wanted the new truck to be 100 percent more efficient than the average truck from 2009. Now Volvo is showing the result and it turns out: the Volvo SuperTruck 2 is 134 percent more efficient than the old trucks. Mission accomplished.

The SuperTruck cuts through the air better and is a lot lighter. Aerodynamics are better thanks to a cabin with 'the perfect wedge shape', according to the makers. In addition, the boat tail on the back of the trailer reduces air resistance by half. The smaller 19.5-inch wheels have special tires that cause as little friction as possible.

How Volvo made the SuperTruck 2 lighter

What also helps are new materials. The cabin is shorter and therefore lighter. In addition, the chassis is made of aluminum and the drive shaft is made of composite material. The Volvo SuperTruck 2 has two axles instead of the usual three for American trucks. The test truck has a 48-volt generator on board that provides power without having to idle the engine.

Unfortunately, you cannot spot the Volvo SuperTruck 2 during a holiday in America. The special truck is only there to show what is possible. Volvo will apply the lessons learned with the SuperTruck 2 to production models. The company is already doing this, for example, with its latest electric truck, the Volvo VNR Electric.

Volvo's electric truck

You can see the electric truck above in the fourth and last photo in the gallery. The truck has a battery pack consisting of six batteries that together produce 565 kWh. That should take him 442 kilometers away; less far than the electric trucks from Mercedes and Tesla. The power is 461 hp and the gigantic torque is 5,492 Nm.