MINI Crossman

Mini SUV goes ! - this could be subtitled the fifth and newest member of the family of small car production from the BMW subsidiary, because the mini is collected at the small SUV and rolled under the name Mini Crossman on our streets or Away from paved roads in the area. The main focus of Minicross man lies on the target group of young car buyers who are mainly male and usually have to resort to alternatives such as the VW Tiguan, BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The available all-wheel drive Mini Crossman was placed at a height of almost 8 cm higher than the Mini Cooper or Clubman, which underlines the offroad capabilities of the small car. Mini Crossman is powered with engines from their own shelf of mini, only the all-wheel drive is new. The interior and the interior of the presented at the IAA 2009 SUV is almost identical to the small-car and exudes the classic mini idea further. Surely one will cross the mini-man encounter rather than on paved roads in the use of an SUV. The Mini Crossman is not the first time assembled in the main plant, but rolled up in Austria by Magna Steyr from the tape.