Lexus LS #6

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Dashing on S-class hunting

Detroit, 9 January 2017 Incredible work, incredible feat of engineering, is in the new Lexus LS with security as well as everything about it is completely new, much better and all you can think is this...

Detroit 2017: Lexus LS is luxurious

LS is luxurious Lexus LS at the NAIAS in Detroit (-22.1.2017) introduces the all-new generation of its flagship that 2018 goes on sale. It is based on the extended platform of the Coupe LC. 5.24 m, the...

KIA strives for higher

Hair, 30 June 2016 That the Hyundai-Kia group is ambitious, you know. Like the four-size car manufacturers in the world also in Europe would offer cars of higher classes. Since Korean cars but in this...

Tradition: 25 years Lexus and Infiniti Attack on the Star Fleet

Attack on the Star Fleet They should be the best cars in the world. Perfect luxury sedans who taught all premium manufacturer of Cadillac on Mercedes-Benz to Rolls-Royce to fear. In fact, Lexus and Infiniti...