VW Passat CC

The available since the spring of 2008 Volkswagen Passat CC car is a four-door mid-size coupe, with its successful VW Passat series significantly enhances again. The 4.79-meter-long body of the VW Passat CC is so far unique in this form for the middle class and can be used in most approaches, the Audi A5 Sportback and the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe compare. As so-called Comfort Coupé, the Passat CC is three inches longer, 3.6 inches wider and five inches lower than the conventional VW Passat sedan. However, the trunk of the Volkswagen Passat CC with 535 liters only 30 liters less than the sedan summarizes - for a mid-size coupe, a truly impressive value. Driven the sleek and extremely elegant sedan of spurt strong Passat diesel - and gasoline direct injection engines, the underline with a capacity of up to 300 hp the ambitions of Volkswagen to set standards new to the upper middle class. The version in the Passat CC V6 4Motion up to 250 km / h fast family coupe is factory equipped with a six-speed gearbox. The direct shift gearbox DSG and all-wheel drive is optional. Almost upper class feeling convey including four air-conditioned sports seats, decorations made of real wood and brushed aluminum, ambient lighting and the huge panoramic sunroof. With the 2010 VW came after many requests from customers and offers the Passat CC is now also available with a 3-seater, asymmetrically split rear bench in what is very conducive to a sense of family. Furthermore, with two-tone leather upholstery on the seats with climate control and especially refined interior of the coupe offered under the label as Exclusive Volkswagen Passat CC Exclusive. For the befitting movement, the new Passat Comfort Coupe offers the Lane Keeping Assist "Lane Assist" and the suspension tuning "Dynamic Drive Control". IAA 2011 VW Passat CC unveiled the first car with a facelift: The Coupe has been adapted to the current VW face, the rear lights changed. In the interior, new infotainment systems and attracted an enhanced interior and the choice of interior.