Super cardboard: The Trabi Calendar 2015

Annaberg-Buchholz, October 23, 2014

In popularity, the Trabant ?? quasi the " Beetle of the East" ?? recovered. After many copies have died the death as either down-Wende ridden work cars or hot tuned Kasper stalls, now the interesting Papp - mates come to the fore. And this well-kept copies ?? whether built as a vintage original, stylish remodeling or even convertible version ?? like to be shown. But in the " official" Trabant erotic calendar they move ( almost ) in the background. The monthly work is called " Super cardboard " and will be the only work of its kind, according to photographer André large, that there are currently for sale in the particular combination " Trabant & sexy girls ".

Melanie Müller and Angela coachman

The wall decoration is strictly limited to 1,000 pieces. André Great, also known as " BIG ", wanted his own words produce a very exclusive calendar and not flood the market with cheap product. This is also the choice of the seductive ladies next to the Trabi. The name can look up surprised were set in scene, among other things, the reigning Jungle Queen Melanie Müller, Miss Angela GTI driver and Cindy, the " Girl of the Year 2013 " a tabloid.

14,90 €

Who wants to see the calendar in A3 landscape format, can order it for 14,90 euro directly at Andrè " BIG " United under or any Internet mail-order houses Ebay and Amazon . (HD)