Spanish Volkswagen

Martorell (Spain), May 16, 2017

Every country has its kind of "Volkswagen": the United States was by the Ford Model T Mobile Germany drove VW beetles en masse and the East Germans used their Trabant. Not to mention the Morris minor and the mini in England, as well as the double Citro├źn 2CV and Renault 4 in France. And on the Italian boots? Clearly, one thinks immediately on the Fiat of 500 something forgotten larger 600, which debuted in 1955 device which additionally. He was not only the true family car in the economical time, but also one of the first major foreign successes by Fiat. In Spain, where it was built under license as the seat 600 and offered. Seat has now set a moving monument to this model.

60 years of seat 600

Specifically, One with an incredible effort restored 600. The reason is simple: 60 years ago, so 1957, began production at seat. There was sent 600 to the box-office hit and 1973 to around 815.000 copies in retirement. Not only in Spain, the car called in the vernacular "Balls" was the first mobile frame of many people. The round, only 3.30 meters long car as Zastava and "Iron" was known in the former Yugoslavia, on the German market was produced the 600 as a "Chase" (named after a river) over 171.000 times at NSU-Fiat in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Many helpers for a small car

In the seat 600 anniversary model is a 1965 built with folding roof and rear-hinged front doors. 30 employees and 1,500 hours were needed to revive the car set aside for 25 years to life. Over 1,000 parts have been replaced and had to be found at all once. 15 litre bluish enamel and 50 meters of fabric for the interiors were added. Only original parts are the steering wheel and Horn button. In the rear, a four-cylinder with 633 cubic centimeter displacement and 21.5 HP. works

30 cm more

1970, a performance which at least 110 km/h allowed replaced the 600, 600 E with 25 HP and 767 cubic. Also, the doors were hinged now "polarities". A special feature for Spain remained the 18,000 times built and 3.60 meters long seat 800 with four doors. It was in 1963 with a curiosity: the rear doors opened, as we know it today. Front doors were "Suicide-style" However, vice versa. (rh)