Hot Girls and fine art

Stollberg, October 20, 2015

The match beautiful ladies and fine art good, is no big secret. Even large companies like Pirelli bring annual calendar with the corresponding motives. In the example, the Pirelli month work good customers and friends is the house reserved. Most of the other, as the recently introduced " Miss Tuning Calendar ", you can buy and put his loved ones under the Christmas tree. Or yourself so give pleasure.

Trabants, IFA-vehicles and construction machinery

For 2015 Photographer André " BIG " Great brought the erotic calendar Trabi " super board " at the start. The Bilderwerkstatt not quickly found friends, of course, solely because of the well-kept Zwickau Zweitakter in the pictures, but mainly because of his female companions. For the upcoming 2016 United has again produced a hot Trabant calendar. But not only that: The Stollberger has photographed his models along with other cars, lorries and bicycles from East Germany. These pictures can be admired in the calendar " IFA Erotica " ?? the acronym IFA stands for " Vehicle Industry Association ", in which the East German car manufacturers were united. And for the really tough guys produced a no less remarkable Construction Calendar " BIG ". In addition to pretty girls in hard work to show the recordings a lot of small and large construction site equipment.

Depending 14,90 Euro plus shipping

The calendar each have 14 sheets in format DIN A3 landscape, which are connected to a metal spiral. From Trabi Calendar 2,000 pieces, from the other two 1,000 are placed. Each will cost 14.90 euros, added 4.90 euros shipping. They can be ordered on at Amazon, Ebay or. In our gallery we present a selection of hot designs. Click through . ( hd )