Pontiac Montana

From 1997, the American Automobile Manufacturers Pontiac Montana first used the name for a package of equipment Trans Sport minivan model. Due to the extreme popularity of this package the entire 1999 model was renamed to Pontiac Montana. The 2003 Pontiac Montana underwent a radical transformation, and led him in 2004 as SV6 back on the market. The latest model from 2005 has either a 3,5 - or 3,9-liter V6 engine with 200 hp or 240 hp. The switch accepts a standard four-speed automatic in the Pontiac Montana. The spacious interior of the Pontiac Montana/SV6 offers seven seats. A version with all-wheel drive was for the van, the (first identical to the Opel Sintra was built in two model generations available. In 2008 the production of the Pontiac Montana is to be set. Interested in a cheap van? Whether mini - or minibus, with two-wheel drive or 4x4, with this website, you are guaranteed to find the right vehicle.