Volkswagen with pick-up concept to São Paulo

In about a week, in Brazil, the São Paulo International Motor Show to start. Volkswagen brings a study model with which the brand vooruitblikt on a new compact pick-up.

Volkswagen shows a designschets of the as yet unnamed concept car that brings to the São Paulo International Motor Show on 6 november gates open. Volkswagen speaks about a "special" study model in which both 'connected' in high esteem. More important is of course the basic shape of the car.

According to Volkswagen the car on the MQB platform and will there be a production version, a car that is a step under the Amarok's price list. The rear part of the cab is, according to Volkswagen, cloth upholstery, but that is a joke that the production stage is probably not going to catch up. The final production version will, according to Volkswagen, not much of this study model may differ.

In countries such as Brazil are small pick-ups, based on a B-segmenter, quite popular. Fiat still has the Palio based Strada (photo 4) on the menu, Chevrolet sells the on the Corsa-based Montana (photo 3), and Volkswagen delivers the Saveiro. That last one shares its basis with the Gol. The Gol, although last year, is still on the PQ24 platform, which is also the Golf IV was. The Gol is in need of replacement and that is also true for the Saveiro (photo 2). The new Gol is very likely also on the MQB platform and we expect that this concept car so the new Saveiro.