The costs of the new Mustang Bullitt

Cologne, 30. May 2018

Suitable for the 50-year anniversary of the cult movie Bullitt Ford Bullitt, the new edition of the Mustang. For the first time, European customers can rejoice, because unlike the tributes from the 2001 to 2008 2018er Bullitt-Stang now finally on our side of the pond.

6.500 Euro Cult-Surcharge

Can be ordered already. The deliveries start in August 2018. The EUR 52,500. The Mustang Bullitt is 6,500 euros more expensive than the current Top-stallion Mustang GT. There are besides a lot of Steve-McQueen-Feeling ten HP more. The Mustang Bullitt brings it therefore to 460 HP. The torque of the five-liter V8 remains with 529 Newton-meters. This is also true for the acceleration time from 0-100 km/h. Here, as there offenses of 4.6 seconds. The Bullitt comes – of course - only as a coupe and with a six-speed manual transmission (with the new Rev-matching when Downshifting), the style is really supported on a billiard ball knob.

Almost all of the way

Up to the new magnetic-Ride Adaptive suspension, the recommended Recaro sports seats and a navigation system for a standard SYNC3 Infotainment is equipped, the Mustang Bullitt that is already as good as full. In addition to the Original movie car-paint-Dark Highland Green (strange Germanized: Montana Green Metallic) there are for Philistines, a Iridium-Black Mica. No matter how your Mustang Bullitt, ultimately, want to order, you need to be quick to avoid. According to Ford, the majority of Germany provided quota is already out of print.(sw)