BMW 320 #10

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The automotive design and its cross-pollination by the art

Turin (Italy), 31 March 2017 James Dean, the bright colors of pop art by Roy Liechtenstein and lush U.S. cars with much chrome and huge tail fins: these and other aspects the 50s - and 60s Gets a new exhibition...

Turbo master: BMW 2002 tribute

Munich / Pebble Beach (United States), 19 August 2016 It is time again so far: on the U.S. West Coast that meets who's who of the automotive industry enthusiasts to the Concours d ' Elegance at Pebble...

What is happening with your vehicle data?

Munich, May 31, 2016 Sensors, control units, computer chips: The many electronic helpers in modern vehicles can be at the right moment while a blessing, represent but also attack surface for criticism...

The working climate at minus 25 degrees

Saariselkä ( Finland ), October 9, 2015 What you wanted to be a child again? Pilot, astronaut, veterinarian or perhaps firefighter? Everything beautiful occupations, certainly, but how about driving...

GTÜ testing winter tires 225/50 R17 in

Stuttgart, September 10, 2015 Summer is almost over, the meteorological start of autumn we have already behind us ?? Time to start thinking about winter tires. Because as soon as they are between eight...