Peugeot 607

As the successor of the 605 made ​​its debut in 2000, the Peugeot 607 on the automotive market. The model is located in the upper middle class and is offered in the equipment lines Prémium, sports and the exclusive Platinum version in 2006. The Peugeot 607 is the top model of the French car brand with the distinctive lion on the radiator grille. With its unique styling and the extensive standard equipment of the 607 to shape the image of the brand. The Peugeot 607 is built exclusively as a sedan and is available with several engines. Even the basic version of Prémium PEUGEOT 607 has a comprehensive safety package, including eight standard airbags, ABS, side impact protection and includes ESP. The diesel versions of the great PEUGEOT, all offered as standard with the FAP particulate filter. As part of the facelift, the engine range was reorganized. The 2.2-liter gasoline engine has been increased in power and now offers 163 hp. As a top engine is the Peugeot 607 continues the V6 petrol engine with 3.0 liter displacement and standard six-speed automatic transmission selection, makes 211 hp in the current generation. Buy online at this website limousines from all manufacturers at bargain prices.