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As the SUV Nissan Terrano 1986 came on the market, he was in three different engine than petrol and diesel available. The base engine of the first series made ​​the Nissan Terrano 2.4, followed by 3.0 Terrano Terrano six-cylinder and the 2.7 turbo diesel. Beginning of the 90s the Nissan Terrano has undergone a facelift and henceforth produced as well as the Terrano 2 identical sister model Ford Maverick in Spain. In 1995, the Nissan Terrano R50, which was either commercially available as a three or five-door appeared. However, the officially designated as a Terrano II Nissan SUV is only available as Terrano car, as a 154-hp gasoline engine with 3.0-liter engine or a 2.7-liter turbo diesel with 125 hp. The last generation of the successful series with the factory NISSAN Terrano name JR 50 was already destined only for the Japanese and American market and was - unlike their predecessors in the European market - even without switchable 4x4 - all-wheel drive offered.

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Val. about Nissan Terrano 2.7d 2014-03-12

Have Nissan Terrano for 6 years. Driven by water and dirt above the hood. Reliable car, like a tank. Only overclocking a little blunt but overall. So, this car is just a MIRACLE! And a godsend for hunters and fishermen. And just excellent for wild edges keep a record of expenses - a total of 6 years, 50 000 km. Changed tires, oil filters, brake pads, etc. Flow on the highway in the city 9 liters per 100 km 12 to increase the clearance all the way twisted front torsion bars on the rear and put a stronger spring (plus 15 cm in height by less than 1 turn)