CanAm Maverick Sport

Hilden, Germany, 17. April 2018

The brand New you might know from the CanAm Spyder. You remember, that was this open, sporty road vehicle, which is reminiscent, by Design, a little snow mobile, but two wheels in front and one in the back. But the brand CanAm also has four-wheel off-road mobile in the program. The Quad versions with two or more Seats side by side is called a Side-by-Side vehicles. The CanAm Maverick. Of him there is now a new Version called the Maverick Sport.

Particularly wide

So far, the manufacturer BRP had two CanAm Maverick in the offer: the relatively temperate, 1,32 meters wide Maverick Trail with 51 or 75 HP and the extremely sporty Maverick X3 with 172 HP and a width of 1.83 meters. The two-seat Maverick Sport is a sort of middle thing from these two. With its relatively large width of 1.52 meters, it is suitable according to BRP, particularly for riders who want to explore the grounds a sporty, but safe. The base model CanAm Maverick Sport has a V2 engine from Rotax with 976 cubic inches of displacement and 75 HP. The stronger Version Maverick Sport DPS 1000R has 100 HP. 150 Extras and three color options allow for an individual configuration.

The EU approval will take

Both versions of the Maverick Sport from June 2018 to the dealer, then however, even without EU approval. The Version with European approval to follow later in the year 2018. The prices have yet to be notified. The Maverick Trail, there is 13.699 EUR, for the Maverick X3 you have to shell out a minimum of 27.899 Euro. The Maverick Sport is likely to lie between these Extremes.(sl)