Alfa-Romeo 145

Produced from 1994 to the Alfa Romeo 145 succeeded the Italian heritage brand, to reposition itself in the compact class sporting ambitions. Causally ÜR daf included the various engine models, the Alfa 145: With a gasoline engine as were Alfa 145 1.4, Alfa 145 and Alfa 145 1.6 1.7 available, with the first boxer engines of the predecessor Alfa 33 and later - such as the Alfa 145 1.4 Twin Spark - with additional double ignition. For this, the diesel variants Alfa 145 1.9 TD or Alfa 145 1.9 JTD came. The power spectrum of the Alfa 145 engines ranged from 90 to 150 hp. Top model was the 155 bhp Alfa 145 2.0 16V Quadrofoglio Verde, which you should view its delicate Alfa 145 tuning with typical Alfa 145 rims in the clover leaf design perfectly : With an acceleration of 8.3 seconds from zero to 100 and a Hö, top speed of 211 km / h taught the great Alfa 145 Turbo so many Golf GTI 1990s to fear. Who did however have a bit quieter and more comfortable, able to draw on the Alfa 146 to the more conventional four-door sister model of the designed available only in three-door Alfa 145th In 2000, production of the Alfa 145 was set, his successor was the Alfa Romeo 147th