Zava Hypercars teast 'Prometheus'

The Italian start-up Zava Hypercars will tomorrow way how his upcoming firstborn will look like.

Zava Hypercars is a start-up that means through crowdfunding money trying to raise to his hypercarproject to finance. There is the recent months some money binnengedruppeld, so it seems. Tomorrow presents the company namely, the carriage of his first model. Well, 'coach'. We get the design in any case to see a large thumbnail in the scale of 1:5.

In a teaservideo let Zava Hypercars get a glimpse of the model. The thing seems pretty extreme design, the art style is even somewhat reminiscent of the design of the Apollo I. E. bears. Zava Hypercars even speaks about the presence of artificial intelligence "with your nervous system to operate". Remarkable. Just as remarkable is the fact that Zava is the scale model of his car tomorrow presents during the Real Bodies Exhibition in Milan, an exhibition about the human body.

Of course we will get some numbers added. Zava Hypercars speaks about an electric powertrain with four electric motors and a total capacity of 1.360 hp and 1,600 Nm. In less than two seconds to shoot the monster - it will not - to a speed of 100 km/h. Its top is 350 km/h and the electric range should be 500 miles.

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