With three cylinders and lot of technology

Cologne, 24 February 2017

He may seem not so much different than the car it replaces. But if the completely newly-developed Ford Fiesta ST 2018 are debuted at the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017), the fans of today's best mini sports car on some profound changes will have to set up. The still current Fiesta ST is an extremely entertaining and rather simple knitted fun device. His successor takes a completely different path in many ways.

First hot hatch with three-cylinder

The most obvious signs a glance under the hood: Goodbye 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo, welcome to 1.5 liter three-cylinder turbo. Yes, a three-cylinder. And what for one: the flame-new EcoBoost engine develops 200 HP and 290 nm. No series three-cylinder would be falls to us, who was ever stronger. 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, power and acceleration are so identical to the values in the current Fiesta ST200. And as if that still would not be enough, the new engine also features a cylinder shut-off. When only low performance is obtained, the new Fiesta is ST on two cylinders. The shutdown should go in 14 milliseconds across the stage and do not affect the performance. Ford is giving thanks to reels smart fuel solutions intake manifold - direct injection and a variable camshaft control for the time being with 114 g / km CO2 emissions.

New driving modes

With as much engine innovation it is almost calming, that he still has new Fiesta ST front-wheel drive and a six speed manual transmission. Instead of a simple ESP button with sports programme as in the outgoing model, there is a whole range of driving modes in the new ST, however. Say: Steering, engine and stability control respond in future to the normal, sport and track programs. Even the sound is trimmbar in this way. Ford has come up with for an active sports exhaust system, as well as a gimmick called "Electronic Sound Enhancement". And if you're just really nice in rage as a purist, then you missed the torque-vectoring function and the standard 18-Inchers now please.

Inside diverse

Inside, Ford promises a much larger offering to individualize, than previously was the case. Several styling packages are just as many paint schemes, including also the here shown "liquid blue" belongs. It has maintained the gripping Recaro seats fortunately. Has to be crammed into them, the gaze falls but now on a large touch screen with Sync3 Infotainment system and a Bang & Olufsen hi-fi system.

From the beginning of 2018

You can already see, compared to its predecessor, almost ascetic, this new Fiesta ST is a significantly wider issued vehicle. Ford sees it similarly and says: "With our ST models we experience the fascination and the fun of Ford performance for a wide range of customer". Also, consistent with that of the 2018er ST from the outset as three - and five-door hatchback will be available. Whether the pure feeling of the old car is softened by the multilayered nature of the new ST, will show up. Market launch is early 2018. At the prices, Ford is still no information. (black & white)