VW up GTI: force tot

Wolfsburg, May 19, 2017

A question about the beginning: believe what how many centimeters is the first VW Golf from the current up? The amazing answer: There are only ten, because of ur Golf was only 3.70 meters long. And so VW sees the brand new up GTI as a tribute to the first Golf GTI. The world premiere of the force dwarf is also appropriately in the this year's meeting of GTI am Wörthersee (24 to 27 May 2017).

More weight, more security

First look at the Golf GTI of 1976: he weighed 810 kilograms, 110 HP, which ranged for a bit then exquisite 182 km/h and accelerated in nine seconds to 100. The weight must suit the up GTI, as VW itself admits. Modern safety standards require high strength steels and airbag, 997 kilograms are the result. Which assumes the drive from seat Ateca or Q2 known Audi 1.0 TSI with 115 HP. The Turbo three-cylinder delivers maximum torque of 230 Newton metres. Thus sprints the micro-GTI in 8.8 seconds to 100 km/h and reached maximum 197 stuff.

In the typical GTI outfit

Colour it is red and white silver, black and blue as uni paint type, additionally as metallic colours. Typical characteristics of the GTI may not missing about a red horizontal stripes in the honeycomb grill plus GTI logo. Double stripes on the side pull side, black exterior mirror caps complete the look. As first up Gets the GTI work 17-inch alloy wheels and a lowering Kit 15 mm. At the rear, you encounter a red stripe and a large roof spoiler. The latter should increase the pressure on the rear axle. These delight diamond seat covers, a sports steering wheel and a GTI gear knob of the eye.

In series from beginning of 2018

Even the previously three-door up GTI as study is declared, but VW already confirmed the production version for beginning of 2018. Whether there is also a five-door hatchback? For the price, we can only speculate until. The VW Golf GTI cost 13.850 mark in 1976. The up GTI will sure miss this sum in euro, there so much already the normal 90 PS variant costs. Therefore, we expect good 17,000 euros. (rh)