VW: So the new CC comes

Wolfsburg, 25 February 2015

For many, the Volkswagen CC, also known by its former name, Passat CC, the most beautiful Volkswagen. However, despite its timelessly elegant form he will soon get a successor. Finally, he came back in 2008 to market and was last revised in 2012 thoroughly. A foretaste of the new generation are the Sports Coupé Concept GTE, which at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 ( March 5 to 15 ) will present the manufacturer. From this car, there are currently only a few sketches and also little information, for more facts we have to be patient to go.

Hybrid drive with a V6 TSI

The suffix " GTE " betrays the drive are the names of at VW recently on new models with plug-in hybrid, the Golf already (since 2014) and Passat comes in series ( mid-2015). The Geneva concept car will after the first information V6 TSI petrol and two electric motors work together. As they do so, VW reveals only with the keywords " electric propshaft ". A similar system was also introduced to the manufacturers already in the concept car " Cross Coupé GTE " in January 2015 to the auto show in Detroit and " Blue Cross " in 2013 in Detroit. We assume that similar works in the sports coupe concept: Sitting on the front axle electric and gasoline engine at the rear axle, another electric motor. They can act so matched to one another such that one 4x4 formed. Because there is no mechanical connection between the axles, VW speaks of the mentioned electric propeller shaft.

Four seats seats and a large tailgate

The interior offers four seats, the trunk is can be loaded well thanks to a large tailgate. The study also shows the fresh look at VW, since it is not only the preview of a new model, but according to VW chief designer Klaus Bischoff, " the first look at a new design era " . (HD)