VW Phideon: Phaeton views

Geneva, 29 February 2016

Volkswagen unveiled a brand new luxury sedan for China at the Geneva Auto Show in 2016 (March 3 to 13): the Phideon. While the name of the four-door sedan was until now unknown, shape and appearance reminiscent of Coupé GTE C the study of VW. This concept car had VW at the Shanghai Auto show presented in April 2015. Already at that time we learned, that essential design elements on the probably 2018 coming Phaeton will find themselves. VW has now officially confirmed that the Phideon for the first time is the new face of VW - upper class. The name "Phide-on", is a Word, it is reminiscent of phonetically and symbolically "Fides", the Roman goddess of loyalty.

Modular longitudinal Kit

The Phideon is 5.05 meters long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.48 meters high, its wheelbase stretches over more than three meters. Represents a novelty, at least for a VW, the arrangement of the drive: the Phideon is the first model of the brand, which uses the company's modular longitudinal Kit (MLB). This platform is used at Audi with longitudinal drivetrain fitted to the direction of travel since 2007.

300 Horsepower and four-wheel drive

Strong three-liter V6 turbo engine with gasoline direct injection of large China-VW by a 300 HP and 440 Newton metres is brought forward. Its force sends the aggregate on the 4Motion all-wheel drive. For a late stage VW Announces both a variant with a two-litre four-cylinder Otto and pure front-wheel drive as well a plug-in hybrid-version. That the hybrid strand as the study C Coupé GTE consists of a 210-Horsepower gasoline engine and a 124-Horsepower electric motor, was not yet confirmed, is however conceivable.

Comfort on all courses

The five-seater is designed not only for self drive, he must also this is we know that especially important in China as chauffeur car lure customers. This particularly spacious designed the Fund according to VW. All the car seats are not only often electrically adjustable, they offer also a ventilation and a massage function each next to a heater. A circulating ambient light at night to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

Air suspension with five modes

Like the recently asked VW Phaeton or different models of Group subsidiary Bentley offers the Phideon its occupants with an air suspension chassis. There are five individual driving modes to choose from. The doors slide thanks to a "soft close" function smoothly in the Palace these two comfort features are likely to find themselves Phaeton also in the new VW. As an electronic Assistant, the Phideon has a head-up display and a camera-based night vision system on board. Facilities include also a visibility system with four wide-angle cameras. In addition, the sedan with upper class usual helpers such as an Abstandstempomaten, an environment monitoring system, a parking distance control, a camera-based lane and a proactive occupant protection system. Also all common smartphones can be integrated to the infotainment system CarPlay (Apple) and MirrorLink (Android).

Designed in Germany, built in China

There was developed the car in Germany, however the Chinese partner SAIC-Volkswagen was in the boat, to take into account the special needs of Chinese customers. The sedan is also built at SAIC-Volkswagen. In China she should come 2016 in the third quarter on the market, at a price, there is still no information. (hd)