VW I.D.. Buzz: Bullis heritage

Detroit (United States), 9 January 2017

Everybody loves the Bulli: the first generation of the VW bus, depending on the variant as a top restored vintage, obtained already six-figure prices. Especially in the United States, the T1 is known there as the "Microbus" is legendary and popular. No wonder that VW has again hired considerations for a retro redesign. 2001 showing a microbus study 2011 a Bulli concept. Now, the dream of nostalgia with modern technology could be true: at the NAIAS 2017 in Detroit (January 8 to 22) VW presents the I.D.. buzz.

Lush dimensions

Wait a minute: I.D.., what was it ever there? Right. Under this code, VW is working on his electric future. One made his debut at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016 first I.D..-study. While she had about golf format, the I.D.. buzz has got significantly more richly. With 4.94 meters, the concept car is slightly longer than the shortest VW Multivan T6. The wheelbase of 3.30 metres and the height of 1.96 meters are remarkable. Since batteries with a capacity of between 83 and 111 kilowatt-hours hide in the underground (depending on the rear - or all-wheel drive), interior designer can be played in the I.D.. buzz with three rows of seats. So the front seats in the fully automatic driving mode against the direction of travel can be rotated. After a slight pressure on the VW logo on the impact surface disappears the steering wheel in the cockpit. Meanwhile "laser scanner and an armada of sensors on the road look". Detail on the edge: the neo-Bulli dispenses with the round headlight of the T1 and grow LED lights, which communicate with the outside world.

Electric Bulli after 2020?

As far as the grey theory, we look at the facts: basis for the I.D.. buzz is the modular electric modular by VW, short MEB. It is designed to provide an optimal utilization of space. 2020 stands as a starting point for the electric offensive of the group in the area, already by 2025 it would like to sell one million electric cars worldwide. The I.D.. buzz can be equipped strong electric motors on both axes with 150 kilowatts, then the system capacity is 275 kilowatt equals 374 HP. is possible but also a rear drive setup with 200 kW to 272 HP. With all-wheel drive design of the I.D.. accelerates buzz in 5.3 seconds to 100 km/h, the tip is limited to 160 km/h. The range is prized on 450 to 600 kilometers. The data on the boot volume are interesting: between 659 and 4,602 liters buzz fit into the I.D.., an additional storage space with 173 litres capacity is located behind the front fascia. Sounds good, not even see? Hopefully, VW is serious in terms of Bulli 2.0.(rh) this time