Volvo: farewell to the burners

Gothenburg (Sweden), 5. July 2017

You can post under Marketing. Or as a consistent Action. It is a fact that Volvo piece adopted from a pure combustion engine. This has been announced by company boss Hakan Samuelsson today.

Electricity in various forms

Existing series to keep your drives. Each from 2019, newly introduced model of the brand, however, will always have an electric motor. However, this does not mean that Volvo builds in two years, pure electric cars. The manufacturer clarified and speaks of "electrified vehicles". In this way, the customer will be weaned in three stages from a pure combustion engine. Stage one, vehicles with 48-Volt mild hybrid system. Stage two Plug-in hybrid models with gasoline or Diesel, and level 3 and finally fully electric cars.

The Million in view

Volvo wants to bring between 2019 and 2021, five cars on the market, three of them as a Volvo. The other two models will be under the Polestar Logo for maximum performance. The line of Polestar Volvo design chief Thomas Ingenlath. His boss Hakan Samuelsson highlights the ambitious goals: "our customers can choose from among the electrified Volvo models, whatever you want. We want to sell up to 2025, a total of one Million electrified vehicles."

The 60s series is still conventionally

What model series are set on electric Power? Both the 2018 start end S60/V60-series such as the recently renewed XC60, the majority of conventional engines. The exception of the T8 Plug-in Hybrid. Also for the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 planned XC40 will have in its life cycle, primarily classical gas. Until the end of 2019 planned V40 is expected to benefit from the current Offensive, as well as a 20-series and the next XC90. Here, we would be reached already in 2021.(rh)