Used check: Skoda Roomster Plenty of room

Plenty of room

Front Fabia, hung MPV: the Skoda Roomster is the design of a daring way. Under the original shell lies a practical core but also capricious technology.

Even though he looks like a high roof combi à la Renault Kangoo model: the Mini - Van Skoda Roomster is not a commercial vehicle, but a passenger car, however, a particularly useful. However, when TÜV he shows weakness.

Body and interior:

Is related to that of the Roomster with the Skoda Fabia, you can see him on the nose. For up to the B-pillar, it resembles the popular small cars of the brand almost exactly. Behind closes - visually aware not quite flush - a spacious box like a pickup truck on that offers a tremendous amount of space for passengers and luggage. At just 4.21 meters in length, the Roomster offers more space for shopping and travel case as the certainly not small Octavia Combi. But greatest asset is its variability: the rear seats can be moved, fold up, move closer together or removed completely equal. In the interior we find again the typical, thoughtful cockpit architecture of the brand. The materials are rather simple, especially in the basic versions, but well made.


For the motors, the Roomster from the well-stocked shelves VW Group operates. Since the introduction were 14 different engines in the power range of 47 kW/64 hp to 77 kW/105 hp in the program. Who it applies not only to maximum parsimony, this leaves the three-cylinder diesel and petrol engines in mind. Better performance and not much higher consumption offer the four-cylinder, especially the most powerful versions. Among the petrol engines offered since 2010 the 1.2-liter turbo (TSI ) with 77 kW/105 hp is a good choice, the diesel versions of the same powerful 1.6 - liter engine. Both engines also tickle out the quite present in the tone and handy Skoda driving pleasure. Who reluctantly turns itself also can get the 1.2-liter TSI with dual clutch transmission.

Features and security:

Because Skoda presents itself as a cheap alternative to VW, the basic models are often sparsely equipped to achieve an effective advertising price. This is also true for the Roomster, the " ambition " comes up only in the second equipment line with meaningful extras such as air conditioning and CD radio. Rather, one can do without, however, offers the top version of "Elegance", the chic alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and cruise control. In general, the options list is rather short: On special items she carries around even a panoramic glass roof, automatic climate control and leather upholstery on part. At safety features are always six airbags and stability control on board. In the EuroNCAP crash test, the Czech had 2006 the highest rating of five stars.


In the test drive with the Roomster you should keep your ears open, especially because of the mini-van suffers from chronic under-lined suspension. Even the expensive seats sometimes has too much play, and listening while driving. TÜV criticizes the even at only four years old vehicles. Also, oil loss is often an issue. There are also some venial problems, but which should be considered when making inspections. Roughly frequent stainless locations underneath the rubber of the rear doors or occasionally jerky engine. But the latter can be remedied by the dealer to update the engine control software. Total is also true for the Skoda that which applies to all the cheap and practical cars: What matters is whether the previous owner exploited him as a workhorse or has treated more gently.


The argument with the proven technique for VW Skoda Prize draws the Roomster is limited. While he is in the light of the huge space available even as a relatively cheap new cars, paid but also with the weaknesses in the state assets. Who is a well-maintained and well-maintained copy, however, you should access, as well as the competition in this class is not error-free. Prices start at around 4,000 euros.