Used Car Check: Audi A3 Noble and good

Noble and good

A used Audi A3 is a safe choice in almost every way. At least, if one has the previous owner looked exactly.

typical grille

Ultimately, the Audi A3 is an expensive and closely VW Golf. Who it looks less sober, but it also finds it a fancier and more refined alternative to Wolfsburg mass model. And when the TÜV built 2003-2012 Audi cuts despite largely identical technology from even slightly better.

© AudiDas engine range is very wide The fact that the A3 is a technical twin of VW Golf V, falls outside hardly noticeable. The Ingolstadt - since Facelift 2010 Exercise with the typical radiator grille - establish its chic and sporty than its North German cousin. Also contributes to the lower roofline, which breaks down, however, to the interior space. Because despite a few centimeters more length, it goes there noticeably more closely than in the Gulf, especially sitting behind tall man ducked quickly. Anyone wanting to use the fund to carry passengers more frequently, therefore selects the "Sportback" said five-door. That's also five centimeters longer and offers a bit more cargo space. Between 2008 and 2012 a fabric roof convertible was also in the program. The generally somewhat cramped conditions inside are offset by the high-quality ambience. In terms of material quality and processing the A3 made in due time before something no competitor.

Erected extremely wide

When it comes to driving the A3 is positioned extremely wide. The band extends from 75 kW / 102 hp Saugbenziner to extreme RS3 with 250 kW / 340 hp. For reason oriented used car buyers some of the rough 1.9-liter unit injector diesel with 77 kW / 105 PS is a good choice, as it combines ordinary passage with low consumption. Who wants to be moderately athletic move, select the 2.0 - liter turbo gasoline ( TFSI ) with 147 kW / 200 hp, which is used in similar form in the VW Golf GTI. In principle, recommended are the newer Turbos ( TFSI ) with 1.4 and 1.8 liters of displacement (from 2007), which can not keep but their low standard consumption. Who does not want to turn themselves can choose the dual-clutch gearbox ( DSG ) for some engines. Taste is offered under the name Tiptronic automatic transmission, which annoys many drivers through the noticeable interruption in tractive force during gear changes.

In addition, numerous engine variants with all-wheel drive can be combined. The strongest petrol he is automatically on board. Otherwise, pure front-wheel drive is sufficient for the agile A3.

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© AudiDer S3 is something like the GTI series For special generosity in equipping policy Audi is not exactly known. Since the A3 is no exception. The basic version was indeed fitted neatly compared with the volume in their class, and offered with ESP and six airbags, especially a good security program. But who wanted real premium flair, had to operate out of the long list of options. But there were numerous points that were getting in the competition barely. About Xenon light, an active chassis or leather seats.

Previous owners take a closer look

At TÜV the A3 shows the best side. Neither rust nor steering, even axes usually make problems. In general, the chassis belongs in terms durability at the best of the VW group. If the auditors criticize anything at all, these are usually the most susceptible drive shaft collars or the setting of the low beam. But even the best foundation is useless if the driver kicks over the traces - the sporty Audi not uncommon. Especially who looks for one of the higher-powered copies, should look at the previous owner exactly. For whoever drives with lead foot, quickly ruined clutch or dual-mass flywheel. And the legal numerous chip tuned cars you can better your fingers, you will have no trouble with turbochargers or cylinder head.

Conclusion: Those who are not caught a heater case, is likely to have his joy of reliable A3. With a Golf you would a little cheaper it, it drives the Audi in the design, prestige and interior ambience far ahead. Nearly 5,000 euros but you should definitely invest.