Toyota Hilux: The indestructible reissue

Cologne, May 17, 2016

He is the world car from Toyota: round the world the Japanese sell the Hilux, until today some 18 million copies. The first 1968 presented pick-up has become the synonym for robustness. Especially vividly that demonstrated the cult TV show "Top gear", which demolished a Hilux, lit up and blow even with a skyscraper left. But what happened? Toyota jumped at even. So, it's no wonder that special demands are made on a new edition of the Hilux. Now, the eighth generation appears.

Direct customer contact

To prepare for this task, Chief developer Hiroki Nakajima is in 110 (!) Countries traveled around to converse with Hilux users. The result surprised: Many were of the opinion the Hilux was lost on robustness. A balancing act for the developer, because on the one hand called for a hard-to-be-used commercial vehicles, on the other hand, more and more customers want comfort and handling characteristics that are similar to a car. A look at the competition, as the recently lifted VW shows that Amarok, but also the new Nissan NP300 Navara or Ford Ranger.

Become quite large

We therefore object to so the facts: the new Toyota Hilux is growing in length of 5.26 meters on 5.33 meters. On offer are a "single CAB" for two people, the four-seater "extra cab" and the "double cab" with five seats. The newly developed ladder frame to provide higher torsional stiffness by 20 percent (robustness is the main theme finally), the permissible trailer load is up to 3.2 tonnes. So-called duty variants intended for craftsmen and co., while the facilities 'Comfort' and 'Executive' focus on the private sector. The latter have always a selectable four-wheel drive, while it is the "duty" as a 4 x 2.

Now it is comfortable

Inside, there is more comfort through an improved adjustment range of the seat for all Hilux drivers, plus a shorter gear lever. Versions with rear bench, there is one centimeter amount. The comfort version, assistance systems come standard as a traffic sign recognition, a lane change Assistant and a radar-based pedestrian detection with emergency braking function. A 4.2-inch color display, on a seven-inch touchscreen center console located between the analog instruments. Here is it, the car luxury requested by many customers, which is rounded off by a climate control and LED headlamps on request.

Sporty driving experience?

Europe is only a 2.4-litre diesel with 150 HP and 400 nm of maximum torque under the hood. The standard six-speed manual transmission has been developed, an optional six-speed automatic transmission is new. Using a SCR process with addition of urea, the Euro 6 emissions standard will undercut according to Toyota. The maximum is including 170 km/h, the consumption to seven liters, even slightly with start stop system. Quite Hilux atypical work Additionally selectable driving modes: "Eco" will reduce the performance of the air conditioner, with "Power" to the diesel to gas commands direct contact. Toyota even speaks of a "sporty driving experience".

The mountain calls

The qualities of the terrain most customers are likely to be more important. This provides a selectable 4WD off-road reduction with automatic limited slip differential in the Hilux. The switch from all-wheel to rear-wheel drive can be up to 50 km/h whilst on the move. Additional braking force regulations to raise the climbing skills at the level of the Toyota Land Cruiser. In Europe, you would like to sell 40,000 Hilux per year in the future. In the prices of Toyota not manifests itself yet, they start so far at 22.134 euros for the Hilux 2.5 D-4 d 4 x 2 single CAB. (rh)