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Munich, November 20, 2015

From very good to poor: In the current roof boxes Test of the Automobile Club ADAC almost all the notes are represented. Tested were seven boxes with a maximum volume of 390 liters, the transport of skis with a length of 175 centimeters had to be possible. The winner was the roof box Motion Sports Thule. The loud ADAC " high-quality, compact " box barely afforded weaknesses and therefore was rated very good. Bottom in the ranking is the Montblanc Space 450E: Because she flew from the car roof in a simulated rear-end collision at 30 km / h and it was classified as deficient.

Two boxes were through the Crash Test

The box of Mont Blanc, the second most expensive in the test product, dissolved completely in a crash test of the car and was therefore chosen as the worst box. The last place the box MD15 350L of Ultraplast had to settle. Here tore both conveyor belts and the skis by beating the plastic bag. Good news: None of the tested roof boxes showed abnormalities in evasive driving test and during emergency braking from 100 km / h.

Two boxes with good price - performance ratio

Important addition to the crash safety is also the question of how easy can be assembled and loaded the roof boxes. Benefits here have the Thule roof boxes from Atera and that are equipped with a variable, adjustable in length, quick release. When mounting the roof box primarily by Kamei scored with its innovative Click Fix System. Decisive for the purchase of a bicycle carrier is not only the quality especially the price. Here surprised cheaper providers such Cartrend with the Krono 480 and Jetbag 30 Holiday with a good price-performance ratio.

Note Usable Length

To avoid any nasty surprises when stowing the skis, the usable length of the roof box should be noted. Especially comfortable is also a two-sided opening, thus ensuring greater access to the assembly and during loading of the box is possible . ( sl )