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Newport Pagnell (United Kingdom), 12 December 2016

Now it seems a trend to be: rare Rennsort legends from the 1950s will be reissued again. After Jaguar has announced to deliver nine XK SS from 1956, Aston Martin announced the comeback of the 1959 featured DB4 GT now. Exactly 25 copies are to be built.

Sharp of made DB4

First let's look back: 1959 Aston Martin celebrated his greatest triumph in motor sport. For the first and so far only time won the British brand in the 24-hour race at Le Mans. At the same time a special variant was derived from the DB4 with views of customer racing: the DB4 GT. 75 examples were produced until 1963, of which eight lightweight models that achieve today around 3.5 million euros. The performance was remarkable for that time: depending on the translation came the DB4 GT on up to 246 km/h.

Short goods with special optics

A six-cylinder with two spark plugs per cylinder and 3.7 litre capacity made it possible. Also in the 'new' DB4 GT, this heart will beat that delivers 345 Horsepower at the rear wheels. A four-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential are on board. A special feature of the DB4 GT was compared to the normal DB4 to approximately 13 centimeters to 2.36 metres shortened wheelbase, allowing the car to a pure two-seater mutated. And yet one detail distinguished the GT version: for the first time, have recessed headlights with Plexiglas cover. These optics became world famous with the "James Bond car" DB5.

Production at the old headquarters

The 25 DB4 GT of the year 2017 based on the lightweight version. Over a tubular space frame aluminum sheets are attached. Despite of all hand work, computer technology to make for a more accurate fit than almost 60 years ago. The small series of historically-significant site is namely produced at the former headquarters of the brand in Newport Pagnell. There, the last Aston Martin from the band ran S with the vanquish in 2007. Considering the high prices for original DB4 GT good to know: the last original car carries chassis number 0202R, the first new model then 0203R.

Racetracks fun included

According to the manufacturer, the DB4 continuation (the official name) only on the race track to be moved. It has developed a two year program where the best slopes in the world will be visited, including the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The first deliveries to start in the third quarter of 2017, Aston Martin does not react to the price. A high six-figure amount should be expected but at least. (rh)