Tires for Golf & Co .: How good is cheap?

Stuttgart, February 12, 2015

So beautiful look forward to the spring is so annoying the wheels associated change may be ?? especially when you need new tires. What to take? And are expensive tires really always the best choice? The Society for Technical Supervision ( GTÜ ) and the Automobile Club ACE now have twelve new tires in size 205/55 R16 tested for the compact class, so for cars like the Ford Focus, Opel Astra and VW Golf. The experts took while the specimens as far as safety, environmental compatibility and economy under the microscope. The result is mixed: Four brands are "highly recommended", six form with the rating "recommended " after all, a good midfield. However, two of round logs are due to weaknesses in particular wetness only " conditionally recommended ".

Winner of Goodyear

The testers noticed that the four most expensive tires show when braking on wet roads and the best results, the cheapest on the other hand is only the penultimate place. Winner with a score of "highly recommended" was the Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance with at least 153 of a maximum of 190 points. One point behind the Continental Premium Contact5 and the Dunlop Sport BluResponse share second place. Also "highly recommended" is the Pirelli P7 Cinturato blue, who got 150 points. It is the sum of the properties in the leading group, posted on wet roads even the highest score. But the steep price (416 euros for four tires ) cost him the overall victory. He is the award-intensive Pneu among the twelve candidates.

When wet safety reserves missing

The Cooper Zeon CS6 showed favorable especially in humid significant weaknesses: When braking in the wet test vehicle was the best tires in this category, the Pirelli P7 Cinturato blue, after 46.10 meters, the car with the Cooper tires came only 49.30 meters to a halt. This test also showed the Yokohama Blue Earth AE-50, the second tire with the overall "recommended due to " his weaknesses: While he scored proper values ​​in dry conditions, lacked the safety reserves in wet conditions. Exactly but they are asked for expert opinion in a sudden rain showers in the summer. The detailed results we show in our table . (HD)