This is the ultimate Lamborghini?

Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 22. June 2018

We see here the most beautiful Lamborghini of all time? When it comes to us, in any case. What is virtually in front of you, is the only one ever built, the Miura SVR. Its manufacturer describes it as "one of the most amazing Lamborghinis ever built". Now you placed him in the company's own Polo Storico in its original condition and helped him to former glory.

Born in 1968

The restoration of the object began its life as a "normal" Miura S. 1968, it was delivered in "Verde Miura" with a black leather interior at a dealer in Turin. After the car had changed in a relatively short period of time, eight Time, the owner, went to the German Heinz Straber, the Lamborghini, the Transformation to the SVR in order. Good Heinz.

To blame for the SVR, a German is

In principle, the SVR to a more extreme Version of an already abundant extreme Lamborghini – the Miura SVJ. Was developed the SVJ by then-Lambo test driver Bob Wallace. The Original was destroyed in an accident, but later they built on the request of a handful of other copies. For existing Chassis were transmogrified. Heinz Straber was, however, something even haarsträub more. So they built him a SVR. The renovation lasted 18 months. In which the love of Heinz is apparently a change of heart took place. Because as soon as the SVR was finished, he sold it to a gentlemen from Japan. He remained there for four decades, served as the Inspiration for a comic book series called "Circuit Wolf", and a template for a 1:18-was a model of the Japanese game manufacturer Kyosho.

Small Deviations

According to the head of Lamborghini's classic-centre Polo Storico, Paolo Gabrielli, took the restoration of 19 months: "In this nineteen-month-long restoration, we had to take a different approach than usual. The Original production data sheet was no help at all. Decisive are the specifications of a 1974 reconstruction carried out. The Polo Storico carried out a complete restoration was, therefore, quite demanding, because the vehicle was disassembled in Sant'agata Bolognese, albeit with all the Parts, but had several modifications. By way of derogation from the original specifications were built-in straps within the framework of the restoration at the Express request of the customer four-point safety, anatomical seats, and a cockpit roll-bar to guarantee a maximum of safety in the case of the scheduled races of the vehicle."

He lives again

Now, the Miura is risen with the chassis number 3781, engine number 2511 and body number 383. Very good news.(sw)