This is the new Mercedes CLS

Stuttgart/Los Angeles, 29. November 2017

Do you remember the first Mercedes CLS from the year 2003? And the second Mercedes CLS 2011? Then you will probably understand why the third CLS from 2018 figure again more so want to look like CLS number one. What he would like to ignite The next stage of the Daimler Design fireworks. Marketing terms such as "sensual clarity" or "Hot&Cool-philosophy" of interest to you, probably, just like us. Therefore, we say to you dear, what comes to my mind at the sight of the new CLS: a hell of A smooth, pretty cool dog he has become. A four-door sculpture, how would you not get the other. With all-new, significantly more concentrated headlamps, all-new, two-piece in the trunk lid of the overlapping rear lights, and a strongly forward-leaning Front, which is reminiscent of their shark nature almost old BMW times.

Designer Interiors

The Design idea seems to be the new Mercedes CLS is already arg in the foreground. But somehow you have to make it to the clientele, Yes, tasty, that you spend more money for a bigger car with less space (compared with the platform-giving the E-class). Inside the same image. In comparison with the E-class sedan and wagon, the new CLS is classy, chic looks, flamboyanter somehow. We see a Mix of the E-class coupe and S-class. A little in-house CLS-flavor Packed, the interior Designer, but also with in the box. In the Form of new seats, for example, which have been specially developed for the new series and depending on the equipment, with elaborate quilting to Shine. Also new: The dashing turbine shape ventilation are illuminated jets for the first time. They even react to the climate control. Say: If you set the temperature warmer, the led is illuminated briefly red, make you colder, it is blue.

The first five places

The monumental multi-Display (2x12,3-inch, grouped under a cover glass) in the various E - and S-class variants. The full assistance systems package is up-to-date of the recently-lifted S-class. Including all semi-driving AIDS noun. This also includes the improved lane-changing assistant and automatic speed adjustment prior to the roundabouts, Ortsschildern or on the basis of traffic signs. Balance on the practitioner's account of the new CLS collects through 520 litres of boot space, fold-back backrest and five seats (previously there were not more than four).

To Start a three-by-six-cylinder

What concerns the motors, the 2018er CLS on the latest in-line six-cylinder from the S-class. The two three-liter Diesel make 286 HP and 600 Newton meters (CLS 350d), as well as 340 HP and 700 Newton metres (CLS 400d). The only petrol engine is for the time being, the three-liter-Biturbo with EQ Boost (neuschwäbisch for Starter-Generator) and 48-Volt on-Board network in the CLS 450. He brings it to 367 HP and 500 Newton meters, with the integrated E-can help out the engine for a short time with up to 22 HP and 250 Newton meters. When Accelerating or when sailing. All versions have in common is the 4Matic all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic. The self-igniter to go in 5.7 or 5.0 seconds to 100 km/h and consume 5.6 liters. The diesel manages the 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and has a standard-thirst of 7.5 liters. In the official press release, Mercedes also speaks of new four-cylinders, forget to mention but which. We expect as the entry with the 194-horsepower Diesel E-class. Also, the recently in the E-class Coupé presented 350cc petrol engine, a 2.0-Liter Turbo engine with a Starter-Generator, 48-Volt on-Board network and 299 HP (plus 14 HP Boost), is likely to follow.

CLS-the market launch in March 2018

What concerns the chassis, the customer, the new CLS spoilt for choice. In addition to a more comfortable designed Standard steel chassis, there is also a sportier variant with adaptive dampers or an adaptive air suspension. A full-blown AMG Version is expected to give it by the way, just as a new edition of the CLS Shooting Brake. The Hardcore V8-AMG-Part – probably from the mid to the end of 2018 – the all-new four-door AMG GT. And the dual stick Shooting Brake didn't want to have just enough people. Market launch for the third Generation of the Mercedes CLS is in March 2018. The now-inventory Edition 1 spoiled, of course, the new CLS is quickly determined with a whole range of luxury accessories. An AMG-exterior, 20-inch wheels and a specially lined interior. The prices are not fixed yet.(sw)