The Twin Mercury Villager - Nissan Quest

As a result of the long-term and close relationship between the two, there are enough cars to find under the brand names of Ford and Mazda are sold. The combination between Ford and Mazda's compatriot Nissan is rarer, between Fords luxedivisie Mercury and Nissan unique. In the 90's happened, as a result, the Villager and the Quest.

Large MPV's are apparently ideal for big projects. Probably the reason could be sought in the fact that emotion and brand value a smaller role in the purchase of a vehicle that simply as much as possible practical operational space has to offer. In Europe, were we therefore to know the 'Eurovans', a foursome on the same reading style MPV's with the brands Citro├źn, Peugeot, Fiat and Lancia. Meanwhile, it was Ford and Volkswagen each other, as a result, the Galaxy, the Sharan and the Seat Alhambra.

In the U.S., claimed Ford from 1994 to the Windstar. That 'minivan' with a Mercury grille, no doubt, prima can act as a Villager, but instead was a few years earlier in a grand collaboration with Nissan on its feet. A true collaboration, because reportedly, the Villager is not simply a 'gerebadgede' Nissan', or vice versa, but both manufacturers actually have a finger in the porridge. Special for this model, developed frame, for example, a co-production. The engine, a 3.0-liter V6, is sourced from Nissan, but was at the request of Ford custom compared to the ones in other Nissans, were to be found.

The differences between the Nissan and Mercury are both inside and outside at least, and both cars were aimed at the American market developed and also in the US, built. The most obvious Villager-feature was the inauguration in 1992 of the nose, that just as with the Sable was equipped with a light bar that the headlights optically with each other. That was a long time unique to Mercury, but the attribute to bygone times was recently taken up by the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The Nissan got a more conventional grille. For both cars gold that they for the American minivan market in a remarkably short time. The relatively short carriage only got on the right side, a sliding door and offered to seat seven people.

Generation 1

Generation 2

The amount of sliding was in 1998 doubled, because when served the second generation of the Villager and Quest. The partnership remained intact and the design actually, here is definitely a completely new model. The shape of the side windows around the B-style is the easiest way to get the first and second edition of these cars from each other, all was also the nose slightly modernized. The back kept the pointy light clusters.

After 2002, Nissan, and Ford again, each with their own way in the American landscape of the ultimate cars. The Quest got a lot of onorthodoxer appearance with a strongly curved raamlijn and a striking nose and also the fourth generation was one with creativity designed 'van'. 'Was', indeed, because, since 2016 is the model not on the price list. Mercury went after the retirement party of Nissan to what it may be, from the beginning, you had to do and performed the Ford Freestar, the successor of the Windstar, as something more fashionable Monterey. In 2007, also came to the life of that model to an end and in 2011 it was even the entire brand Mercury on the willows hung.

The Quest of the third generation

The Mercury Monterey