The pure equivalent to the F pace

Schwalbach/London, 2 March 2017

As the fourth model in the range-Rover range, the new Velar between Evoque and Range Rover moves sports. When the wheelbase is the new with 2.87 meters closer to sports (2.92 m) than on the Evoque (2.66 m).

Record: The narrowest headlights!

While the manufacturer claims that the SUV was "from scratch" have been developed, one may assume that the Jaguar F pace which is basis of the wheelbase is identical. The length does not reveal the manufacturer still, but similar to the F-pace it can be about 4.75 metres. The design is defined by optical reduction. So for example the door handles extend only, if they are needed (concrete: when unlocking the doors). The mark appears on the headlights is proud: they are "the narrowest, Land Rover has ever integrated into a production model". Interesting for those interested in technology: the Velar has LED light as standard, optionally there are matrix-laser LED headlights with Adaptive light distribution. Also send "wiper turn signal" are linked on this extra.

Even in very pure

The Interior is surrounded the passengers as a "relaxing cocoon". Also here are designed on a simple look. The number of switch and control units was limited to the bare necessities. Two 10.2-inch touchscreens provide entertainment and control. The practicality is not too short, the Velar offers 673 to 1.731 litre trunk. Loading is a gesture-controlled rear flap. The velar takes also trailers up to 2.5 tons on the hook. A trailer Wizard simplifies manoeuvring: the driver controls the team then touch.

Optional air suspension

The concept includes a four-wheel drive with terrain-response-2 system. The chassis is based on a double-wishbone front suspension and an integral axis back. A steel suspension system on board is fitted as standard, air suspension is available as an option. The latter provides a ground clearance of 25 centimeters, with standard steel suspension there are four centimeters of less. The assistance systems include an autonomous emergency braking system, an Abstandstempomat with traffic jam Assistant, a blind spot assist and a traffic sign recognition using adaptive speed limiter.

Six drives: Ingenium or V6

The engine range consists of six machines, all of which are coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission by ZF. These include Ingenium-four-cylinder diesel with 180 to 240 HP. company get first from the new Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engine with 250 PS, later follows one version with 300 HP. The available six cylinders include a 3.0-litre V6 twin diesel with 250 HP and a V6 compressor gasoline engine with 380 HP. The new model names: Ingenium D180 and Ingenium D240, D300, Ingenium P250, P300 Ingenium P380. You can choose Velar, Velar R-dynamic, S, SE and HSE also between the versions. In the most luxurious first lies Edition, which is placed among other things with Meridian sound system, matrix-laser LED headlamps at launch and 22-inch wheels.

Details for vegans and athletes

A cool and useful detail for athletes is the activity key known by the F-pace: a waterproof and shock-resistant bracelet with integrated transponders. Thus, one has the car keys even when swimming, jogging or kiting on the man. Vegans will appreciate the particularly environmentally-friendly textiles as an alternative to leather. The velar at the Geneva Auto Show Debuts audience (9 to 19 March 2017). In the late summer launch is 2017. Prices start from 56.400 euro. (sl)