The pick-up comes also to us?

Cologne, 1 July 2016

The 2015 pick-up study Alaskan concept was well received by the audience, now follows the production version with Renault for the first time enters the market of the midsize pick up trucks with up to one tonne payload. The Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and co. segment is booming worldwide, and Renault wants to have his piece of the pie from 2017. However, the new Alaskan remains visually quite close to the last year's IAA study. Only the small mirror cameras, the thick 21-incher, the rear lights and the large solar roof box have failed surprise in the production.

3.5 tonnes towing capacity

The Alaskan greatly benefited from Renault's Alliance with Nissan and inherits much of the NP300 Navara. Small but delicate side note: Auch Mercedes plans a pick-up on the Navara basis commencing in 2017. Like the Nissan, also the Renault is Alaskan as capable off-roader and marketed livestock for commercial use. According to Renault, it is suitable also for sports and leisure. The Alaskan comes with a ground clearance of 230 millimeters and can be up to 3.5 tons on the hook take the best value in its class. Depending on the market there will be Renault pick-up with short and long loading area.

Up to 190 HP

A 2.3-liter four-cylinder bi turbo diesel from the vans Renault master, it will exist in two stages with 160 and 190 HP takes over the drive. Gear are a six speed gearbox and a seven-speed automatic to the election. As standard the Alaskan as mainstay, a selectable 4WD is to have but at an additional cost. For serious off-road performance, Renault bought the Alaskan an electronic differential lock, a mechanical rear axle lock, as well as a Bergabfahr help.

Perhaps also in Germany

In the Interior, the Alaskan has about a five inch Infotainment system with Smartphone connection. However, in some markets, there will be a seven inch touch screen with navigation and 360-degree camera. Initially, Renault's new pickup truck exclusively in South America will be to have. On our request Renault Germany could not say whether the car comes also to the German merchants. As a no information but not sounded, which is why we assume that the Alaskan will strike in this country. (black & white)