The next Kuga caught

München, 2. May 2018

Nearly 38,000 Kuga has sold Ford last year in Germany. Place in the internal ranking behind the Focus and the Fiesta. Even though the Kuga has already five years old. And although the new middle-class SUV-sprout competitors out of the ground like mushrooms. With other words: The Kuga is popular. And he is damn important for Ford. Therefore, the new edition must necessarily sit. Now it was hunters from our Erlkönig-for the first time in Tests imposes. And although you don't see all too much, you can see one quite clearly: The new Kuga will be based more than before on the just introduced Ford Focus.

More airy, cleaner Cockpit

It's not like there's the current Kuga to improve anything. The splinted, always something simple at the end of the cockpit design of grace is in the current Ford range is a big Problem. The new Fiesta and upcoming new Focus, Ford has now cleaned up and also the next Kuga will benefit from this basic cleaning. You can expect less and less buttons, more space and a new Infotainment Display that sits on the dashboard.

On Focus Platform

Although the Kuga never really had a problem with space, it is a bit larger (currently 4,54 meters). A little easier it could also be (currently from 1.580 kilos). He probably sits on the platform of the new Focus. And also the Design, it will be closer to the compact bestseller.

Probably as a Plug-in Hybrid

The engines are likely to take the next Kuga also from the new Focus. We expect a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 125 HP, and two four-cylinder gasoline engine with 150 and 182 HP. The four-cylinder Diesel is likely to between the bars 120 and about 180 HP. In addition to a six-speed manual gearbox, there will also be an eight-speed automatic. As well as versions with Front - and all-wheel drive. Whether the new Kuga also comes in pure electric, is unclear. Ford is investing eight billion dollars in order to bring up to 2020, equal to 40 electrified models on the market, but in the case of the Kuga, a Plug-in Hybrid is currently more likely. The market launch for the new edition of the middle-class SUV (which arrives in the US by the way as a Ford Escape) is expected to be in 2020.(sw)