The new Volvo V60 comes

Cologne, 22. February 2018

The Volvo V60 was introduced in the fall of 2010. Eight years (and a model of care in 2013) later, it is now time for Generation two of the middle-class station wagons.

SPA as a base, with the look of the V90 is very similar

It is based as the in July 2017, which was launched mid-size SUV XC60 on the new SPA platform (Scalable Product Architecture). The Same is true for the new V60 and probably also for the soon launching a new Version of the S60. The scalable product architecture is also the basis for the three body variants of the Top-series 90 (S90, V90 and XC90). From this, the new V60 is not only a lot of technology, but adapted the look of the V90. The latter is the V60 does in a way that makes him more or less to a reduced V90.

Two Plug-in systems

In terms of drive, the newcomer is, however, significantly from the V90. While the V90 only the well-known Plug-in Hybrid T8 is the V60 the same with two Plug-in systems offers. Both combine a gasoline engine with electric drive, and a charging opportunity. The T6 Twin Engine AWD offers a system output of 340 HP, while the T8 Twin Engine AWD delivers 390 HP. Information on the range missing to date. In addition to the hybrids, there are two petrol engine (T5 and T6) and two Diesel (D3 and D4). Since the T5 has an output of 250 HP, which seems a bit much, to be handed in subsequently weaker aggregates. Would offer the new T3 three-cylinder (156 HP) and the T4 with 190 HP. The well-known D3 with 150 HP and the D4 with 190 HP, by contrast, are adequate engines for a mid-size car. You should be equipped as the Diesel in the XC40 with SCR System.

Safe from cross-section moose

Many driver assistance systems in the new V60 series. This includes a City emergency braking system, which recognizes not only cars, but also pedestrians, cyclists and moose in Scandinavia, is especially important. The System applies the brakes in the future, if a collision with oncoming traffic looming. The semi-Autonomous driving system Pilot Assist can Accelerate up to 130 km/h the braking and Steering. The System should now work in curves better. Optionally, a cross-traffic assistant with braking function is also available.

Yes, you can subscribe to it also

The Infotainment is a modern smartphone connectivity and a touch screen that will probably be like the newer Volvo's usual nine inches tall. What is new is that you can't buy the Kombi only or lease, but also "subscribe" for a month is similar to the flat rates from mobile providers of a lump sum. The Luggage capacity and the exterior dimensions remain for the time being, still a secret. Perhaps there is more information, if the newcomer at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) is for the first time to see live.

Market launch in the summer of 2018

However, Volvo commented already to the prices In Germany to 2018 the petrol engine T6 are available for sale starting in the summer of 310 PS in conjunction with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as the two diesel engines the D3 and D4 with a power output of 150 PS, respectively, 190 HP. The self-igniter is initially only available with front-wheel drive, with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission are available. The starting price is 40.100 euros for the Volvo V60 D3 in the equipment Momentum. The D4 in the same features starts from 43.300 euros, the Top model T6 starts at 49.500 Euro.(sl)