The new Renault Grand Scénic

Cologne, 24 may 2016

March 2016, Renault at the Geneva Auto Show showed the new and fourth generation of the Scénic. The small van has a length of 4.41 meters, while the family-friendly flagship of the brand (the Renault Espace) measures imposing 4.86 metres. Two vehicles of the CMF's modular construction kit of 45 centimeters gap between accordingly. The manufacturer now with a 4.63 metres long van expands to fill them. Curtain on for the new Renault Grand Scénic.

Longer, wider and taller than its predecessor

Visually, the Grand Scénic is based on its smaller counterpart. Means: send short bonnet, headlights with LED daytime running lights, vertically arranged lights, a high window line, bright colors, and huge 20-incher (Yes, these wheels are series) in the wheel arches. Compared to its predecessor, the new Grand Scénic at all proportions grew: he is 75 mm longer, 20 mm wide and 15 mm higher. Also grew by 30 to 160 millimeters from the ground and the wheelbase increased by 35 millimeters at 2.80 metres.

As a five or seven-seater available

These new dimensions to ensure above all for one: good space in the Interior. Like the previous is the new Grand Scénic as a five or seven-seater available. In the higher trim levels it is seated in the first row on electrically adjustable seating (the driver's seat gets even a massage function). In the rear, the single seats are replaced by a sliding rear seat and take in the third row passengers ranked individual seats. All backs from series two and three can be are preoccupied with it at your fingertips from the driver's position. This creates a completely flat cargo floor. In addition, the backrest of the front passenger seat can be folded before. In this configuration, items can be transported up to 2.85 meters in length.

Not only in the baggage compartment plenty of storage space

The baggage compartment of the compact contains 718 liters behind the second row of seats. Is pushed forward, the Bank extends the cargo area to 866 liters. A flexible luggage compartment cover thereby protects the trunk contents from prying eyes. To join the countless shelves and compartments in the passenger compartment: total 63 l storage volume so once again arise. Highlight is the Vario module mounted in the middle on rail with capacity of 13 liters, integrated armrests, two USB ports, an SD card slot, a Jack and a 12-volt connector for the first series. The rear-seat passengers find also two USB interfaces, a Jack, a 12-volt power outlet and its own storage options on the back of the module.

Multimedia system and Wizard

Because of the Grand Scénic as also the short Scénic and Espace, the Mégane, the talisman of the Kadjar builds on the CMF platform, he shares all technology components in the Interior with its sister models. These include an online multimedia system with Portrait-8.7-inch touch screen, a system for the personalization of driving characteristics and Interior ambience, as well as an optional head-up display. These security systems and driving assistants join such as an emergency brake Assistant with pedestrian detection, a traffic sign recognition, a lane, and an adaptive cruise control.

Engines, transmissions, and a diesel-hybrid

The Scénic is powered with the extended wheelbase either by diesel engines with 110, 130 or 160 HP or petrol units with 115 or 130 HP. switch is with a manual six-speed transmission. Next to it is available the 110 HP diesel engine also with a seven-speed double clutch and the 160-HP diesel engine with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. The technical highlight in the drive portfolio is the entry-level diesel with "hybrid assist". Here, the diesel is complemented by an Electromotor, supports the four cylinders when accelerating from low revs. It is powered by a 48-volt battery that is recharged during braking and in the coasting by recuperation.

First, launch and price

The Grand Scénic is unveiled is expected for the first time at the Salon in Paris (1 to 16 October 2016). The launch will take place later in the same year. Prices are not yet known so far. The still current Grand Scénic starts at 20.490 euros. (ml)