The flying MX-5

Palisade (United States), 3 August 2015

What emerges when a Mazda MX-5 without motor, an American tuning company known for crazy conversions and a Chevy V8 engine standing around? Right: a just as crazy as wonderful car. Here comes "FLyin' Miata".

V8 in the MX-5: no problem

The company, which like her most recent project on the name "FLyin' Miata" sounds, comes from the U.S. State of Colorado, and already made headlines with the conversion of MX-5 of second generation V8 technology. Well, there's the opportunity to upgrade to the current model and that it has in itself.

Engine of the Camaro SS

A V8 engine from the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS transformed the MX-5 from the 160-Horsepower cars to 532 HP steam hammer. You can buy also a version with 436 Horsepower, but quite frankly: why should we? The MX-5 a power to weight ratio at the level of the Ferrari F12 is a little scary achieved with the new engine. The small Japanese is so grown in well under four seconds from standstill to 100 km/h Sprint, including a huge cloud of tyre smoke.

The chassis is growing with

Of course, such a performance without more improvements on the car can be realised. The brake, suspension and chassis were strongly reinforced. A manual six-speed box with limited slip differential by GM cares to the transmission. And if you now think, the outstanding balance of the MX-5 is completely destroyed by the big V8, mistaken. The weight distribution changes from 52 percent at the front to 53 percent at the front the difference between full and empty tank has the same effect.

Also for MX-5 RF and Fiat 124

Who is not on the optics of the soft top-MX-5, which can transplant is also a V8-heart in the new MX-5 RF with solid folding roof. In addition, the boys have of "FLyin' Miata" just a Fiat 124 spider worried. Logically, what happens with the or?

Proud price

A new MX-5 with refurbishment on V8 technology is available in Colorado for about 69,000 euros. For a similar sum, there are also candidates such as the new Giulia QV with 510 Horsepower, a Cadillac ATS-V with 470 Horsepower or a Porsche Cayman S with 350 HP. And at least the latter loses the sound duel against a V8-MX-5 to 100 percent. (mf)