The first car goes to Elon Musk personally

Fremont (USA), 10. July 2017

As Elon Musk announced in spring of 2016, the Model 3, he said he was "confident" that the production would start in late 2017. He smiled a lot saying, finally, he had his time before and more often, revise. It looks like it would work this time. Because the very first copy of the Model 3 was already on 9. July finished. The first deliveries in the United States should, however, be made until the end of 2017. And who ordered the Model 3 now, however, supplied until at least mid-2018. No wonder, after all, more than 400,000 reservations from all over the world.

Model 3's number-one – birthday

The first Model 3 should go to the Tesla rules to the first buyer who had paid the reservation fee. The Ira honor award, Tesla-Investor and Board member. But you gave her the right to the company's founder, Musk, subsequently to his 46. Birthday (on the 28. June). Musk published a few pictures of his vehicle. The black-painted car is shown in front of the Tesla factory in California, Fremont.

Half a Million cars per year?

The "Launch Event" on February 28. July 2017, the first 30 vehicles will be ready. In September, the production is started according to Tesla to 1,500 vehicles per month high-and the end of 2017 the manufacturer wants to produce on a monthly basis even 20,000 cars. In the total year 2018, there will be 500,000 vehicles. First of all, their own employees and the employees are supported by Musks space travel company SpaceX, the owner of the other Tesla models (Roadster, Model S or Model X). The number of variants is small, production problems, possible go out of the way.

345 Km Range

The information on the new middle-class model are still sparse. The car will offer 345 miles in under six seconds on Tempo 100 speed. The base price is listed with $ 35,000, the are currently about 31,000 euros. So the car would be cheaper than a VW e-Golf (35.900 Euro), Opel Ampera-e (39.330 Euro) or a BMW i3 (from 34.950 Euro).(sl)