Test - Jeep Grand Cherokee Oh Lord, will not you buy me

Oh Lord, will not you buy me

A life as Großstadtindianer is not necessarily the welfare for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Who buys it, the preferences of the Americas should not be entirely averse.

Who in this country is the word SUV uncool simply says Jeep. Similar to pace handkerchief or scotch tape, the brand name of the U.S. automaker is colloquially synonymous with off-road vehicles. While other luxury-class SUV rather Route 66 drive as the Rocky Mountains, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is available with connoisseurs suspected to be a true utility vehicle. In our test, we found that he was a "real american car " is especially.

Welcome to the new American hospitality! But give credit where credit falls just the American origin not at first sight when you have taken a seat behind the wheel - particularly in the highest trim line Summit. Oh wow, here adorns tasteful brown leather with quilted stitching in combination with open-pored wood interior, headliner and A-pillars are covered in brown suede finish. So dignified, one imagines the books room of a Harvard professor. Side note: Of course, the holders are good for drinking cups in XL format.

© Jeep Tasty brown leather with quilted stitching in combination with open-pored wood adorns the Summit features the interior, headliner and A-pillars are covered in brown suede finish   Unlike previous generations, then, agrees with the current Grand Cherokee, which was revised last year match the ambience with the premium standard of the brand, interiors of luxury-class SUVs German manufacturer must have been the benchmark. But if you look closely or completely shakes, some plastic components rattle a bit more than we would expect from brands from good old Europe.

Full up-to-date sports a 8.4 inch panel is now in the center console, through which the complete infotainment system is controlled. Basically, a simple-to-use thing, except in details such as the heated seats, which must be held with a driven by three clicks - Jesus! For that we speak from the voice control that uses navigation or phone features, a great compliment: She listens better than some wife and understands itself not knotless pronounced commands (street) names or locations on the first try.

One would only be desired, the Lady from the speaker would have taken over the translation of some recruitment ads. Because in the modern, uncluttered TFT color display, which looks at the Cherokee pilot and will make the approximately 100 different configurations are possible, the driver does not always understand at once what is going on. Or who got it right off the bat that " ACC Cancelled below minimum speed " means that ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control, Abstandstempomat ) has switched off because you drove too slow? Well, a little bit of quirkiness should forgive his jeep lovers.

The space suit the taste of those from the land of opportunity - for limit must be no one here, not even on the unloved middle seat in the back seat. And the 782 liter capacity luggage compartment at the first sound after lots of space and best value, which is older than the lush 690-liter boot of the Mercedes ML.

Knowledge needs to be, however, that the loading volume of the Stuttgarters according to the VDA standard says the luggage compartment to the rearmost backrest height. The American way of loading volume calculation but stacked up to the ceiling, which makes up a lot of space in the highly be built, boxy Jeep. In reality, of course stacks ( hopefully! ) only one so high that installed a cargo net or mesh from the aftermarket. Measured up to the backrests is Americans still room for some luggage holiday luggage, at roughly the same length but slightly less than the volume of masterpieces ML.

The core of the revised version of the Grand Cherokee is the new eight-speed automatic transmission that provides standard on all models for power transmission. The transmission comes - German quality - from the supplier ZF and, thanks to larger ratio spread among others, a particularly long designed final drive ratio, which should contribute for example to save fuel so that the mounted in our test car V6 diesel with 3.0 liters (184 kW / 250 hp) in the standard comes at a considerable low value of 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

In practice, the value set rather than wishful thinking out, ten liters of diesel flowed in section through the lines. But could convince automatic and robust sounding V6 in the interaction at other locations. For example, in terms of the long-distance cruising, which, on the German Autobahn clearly better off with a top speed of 202 km / h and reaches the Jeep largely effortlessly as on the rate-limited Route 66 Thanks to 3.5 tonnes trailer load (Summit: 3 t) is good for the Cherokee Ranch also in use. Howdy, Midnight Cowboy!

That leaves the Rocky Mountains. With permanent four-wheel drive, lockable center differential and low-range gearbox, even the basic version is already equipped with the most important features that you need from the road. If desired, the rear axle can be locked: mechanically to about three-quarters, it is not enough, activates the electronically controlled rear axle differential lock, the force distribution by braking intervention.

In particular, for the untrained terrain pilots is also always standard traction control system, Selec-Terrain on board, on which the driver modes " mud, snow, sand or rocks " - in the car of course they are called " Mud, Snow, Sand and Rock" - can set and also provides uphill and downhill driving aid. The traction management system electronically controls up to twelve systems, provides, for example, the ESP or automatically lifts the body via air suspension (standard on Overland and Summit ) to the maximum ground clearance of 28 centimeters.

The Grand Cherokee is a car where the German thoroughness may have to complain about some details. Much of it makes its American charm and sophisticated off-road engineering betting. Who wants to settle, can by jeep, that is significantly larger due to its boxy, classic SUV shape in reality than on paper, show edge. And at a price that undercuts the German competition: from 45,900 euros the cheapest Grand Cherokee is going to have the comparable ML is about 10,000 euros more. Whoever still has financial reserves, selects the full equipment, but even in the standard version, bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, keyless entry and start, automatic climate control and leather-covered multifunction steering wheel are already included - you could the American way of drive nennen.Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 V6 Multijet   Five-seater, five-door luxury-class SUV, Length: 4.83 meters (Summit: 4.87 meters Width: 2.16 ( with door mirrors ) Height: 1.79 to 1.80 meters Wheelbase: 2.92 meters, the trunk volume: 782-1554 liters.   3.0-liter V6 diesel engine, 184 kW/250 hp, maximum torque: 570 Nm at 2,000 r / min 0-100 km / h: 8,2 s Vmax: 202 km / h, average fuel consumption: 7, 5 litres/100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 198 g / km CO2 efficiency class: B, test consumption of 10.4 liters.     Price: from 53,400 Euros (basic price Cherokee: 45,900 euros ) in brief:   Alternative to Mercedes ML, Land Rover Range Rover, BMW X5   Fits: ranch-owners, barbecue lovers, but also urban Indians with desire for adventure weekends   Looks good: because he still shows a clear edge