The Daihatsu Rocky is a small SUV, which was first built by the Japanese manufacturer in 1984. The Daihatsu Rocky was the first vehicle of the Group, which was offered in Germany and obtained the production end until the year 2002. In other countries, the SUV was also sold under the label Daihatsu Wildcat. Total cars were offered over the F7 series three versions of the Daihatsu Rocky : It gave each a closed and convertible variant with short or long wheelbase, as well as a pick-up, which is, however, quite rare to find a used Daihatsu Rocky. Two engines were available for the Daihatsu Rocky : firstly a 2.8 - liter four-cylinder diesel engine, on the other hand, a two-liter gasoline engine. In particular, the variant of Daihatsu Rocky was very popular, so the engine was modified in 1987 with the aid of a turbocharger for an output of 98 hp. Used Daihatsu Rocky in the year 1993, a comprehensive model of care was also given, which included the rounded body designed, independent suspension and new lighting elements. In addition, the open convertible version of the Daihatsu Rocky in parallel was no longer produced.