Tesla Model 3: All facts at a Glance

Fremont (United States), 31. July 2017

We stand in front of the largest Revolution since the Ford Model T? As in the time of the "Tin Lizzy" was the classic car into a mass product, should not now be pronounced, the Tesla Model 3 (random "Model Three") to the electric-folk mobile. No other vehicle in the last years divides opinion as much as the new Tesla: During the party a the current 3 series as Revolution and Elon Musk as the Messiah, to worship, to see the others in the Model 3 is a huge Marketing bubble. Now, the first vehicles were handed over to their owners. We devote ourselves, therefore, only the pure facts.

Category? Upper Middle Class

The Tesla Model 3 is 4,69 meters long and, thus, on the level of a Mercedes C-class sedan. Formally, the smallest Tesla on the Design of the Model S. With 1.85 metres, the Model 3 is four inches wider than the Mercedes, the height of 1.44 meters is the same for both. Generous to the Tesla wheelbase of 2.88 meters. The ground clearance is 14 inches. There is space for five adults, in the trunk a minimum of 425 litres. Will load it after the Opening of a short boot lid, the rear seats can be folded down in a ratio of 60 to 40.

Relatively easy

How much will the Tesla Model 3 weighs? Depending on the battery size it is between 1.610 and 1.730 kg. The body consists of a steel-aluminum Mix, the cW-value of 0.23. As standard, the Tesla stands on 18-inch alloy wheels, 19-inchers, there are available at a surcharge. Includes Adapter for 120-Volt and 240-Volt are also sockets, a 6,10-Meter long charging cable and a J1772 plug, the load to the public in the United States and Japan is used. For Europe, it is likely to give another plug, this and other adjustments to ensure that the Model 3 comes only in 2018 to us. Add to this the slow start-up production: the next targets for 2017 5,000 vehicles per week, only in the year 2018 will be built according to Tesla, up to 10,000 vehicles a week.

Really cheap? Yes and no!

The most interest is the range and the price. In fact, Tesla was able to keep the promised base price of 35,000 US dollars for the basic model. Converted that would be around 30,000 euros. But the Europe Version is likely to be due to modifications, and freight is more expensive. In addition, in the United States, the additional taxes are locally different. Therefore, we will leave it for other currency bills, and in the Following only the US prices. Even this can vary depending on the financial grants of the individual Federal States.

Should it be something more?

Back to the things that are tangible, such as the data range. The base model with Standard battery, according to the EPA measuring 220 miles, or about 350 kilometers. In 5.6 seconds, it goes from zero to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) 210 km/h, the maximum speed is located. By fast charging, the Model 3 gets 30 minutes to have enough juice for 210 kilometers, to a 240-Volt outlet it is in the same period, electricity for 48 kilometres. Here is a complete charge will take around 7.5 hours, with a Supercharger, an hour might be enough. More details on this, Tesla says. The base Model 3 will only be delivered starting in November 2017, the $ 9,000 more expensive option with more range is produced. It creates 310 miles, which is almost 500 kilometers, the load times are a little over the normal version. Here 60 miles per hour can be achieved after 5.1 seconds, the top is 225 km/h. at the end of the year 2017 will be joining a four-wheel drive Version. On the Model 3 Tesla is four years and the equivalent of about 80,000 km warranty, the battery is eight years and 160,000 kilometers, respectively, 190.000 km with the larger battery.

Screen Giant

Henry Ford once said, you could get the Model T in any color as long as it is Black. Also, when Tesla Model 3, the single serial is Black standard finish, the five other colors cost $ 1,000 extra. The Cockpit is the Maximum is reduced, all the information comes together in a 15-inch Monitor between the driver and the passenger. There, it also controls the dual-zone automatic climate control and Internet radio. What is included? WiFi and LTE, a Keyless entry and climate control via the Tesla App, voice control and a rearview camera. All the lights of the Tesla Model 3 to work with LED technology. In terms of security, eight Airbags, eight-camera, front radar and up to twelve ultrasonic Sensors are available on Board.

Autonomous costs

It may be assumed that many of the Model-3-customer access to the extra packages. For $ 5,000 there are more comfort features. Extract? Heated seats, wood decor in the Cockpit, 12-way electrically adjustable front seats, a better audio system, high-quality materials and a cover in the center console. Attention Tesla made in the past, with its Autopilot functions. This is also available in the Model 3, but in two stages. First of all, the "advanced Autopilot must be ordered" for $ 5,000. Including an adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, automatic lane-changing, self-changing of the motorway and Autonomous are Parking at the destination. Anyone who puts even $ 3,000, the technique with which the Model 3 moves completely independently without any intervention on the steering Wheel.

Huge Demand

The Tesla Model 3, a self-runner. This image fits quite well. Currently 546.150 reservations. Who has only now receives its Model 3 before April 2019. A huge success for Tesla, but also a burden. The company now needs to drive the production up quickly, to be able to deliver. Objective: to 500,000 Model 3 in 2018. Without children's diseases, because "the first electric car for the mass market" (O-Ton Tesla) also means a lot of new customers who forgive less than many years of Tesla Fans.(rh)