T how expensive?

Stuttgart, July 20, 2016

It is taxi driver's dream and Au├čendienstlers favorite: there is talk of the Mercedes E-class T-model. The latest generation of station wagons on the market comes in October 2016. Now the first prizes are known as specifications.

"Base model" with 184 PS

200 T represents the Mercedes E entry with 184 HP. Already here a nine speed automatic transmission is a standard at the other combined E classes. Accelerated E 200 from zero to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds, maximum is 231 km/h in there. Cost: 48.665 euro. Around 2,000 euros more expensive HP is 250 T with 211 E Its fundamentals: 7.2 seconds, 243 km/h, 50.754 euros. 220 d as T model should be unquestionably the most popular of the E. 194 HP two-litre capacity will be brought here. Enough for 400 Newton metres of torque, 7.7 seconds to speed 100 and top of 235 km/h. It lies just below the 250cc against at 50.486 euro.

More expensive or not?

Has the T-model of the E-class in comparison become more expensive to its predecessor? Mercedes 220 d indicates an increase of approximately 330 euros at the E, which established but with a performance of 24 HP. light dropped is the trunk volume of the suits, fit into it but still notable 670 to 1,820 liters luggage. As standard the rest of the back seat to around 10 degrees will be steeper. So, 30 liter fit more in the rear. Also in the price included the level adjustment via air suspension on the rear axle. If you want a complete air suspension must calculate a 1,785 euros. Also an electrically operated tailgate is free fitted at the factory. 952 EUR extra, then closes and opens it by foot movement.

Parking by mobile phone

As is usual the option list at Mercedes long, therefore, only two options were singled out at this point. Because the E-class T model is a popular towing vehicle, some wish lists is likely to be the fully electric single and retractable trailer coupling with side wind Wizard. Your price: 1,083 euros. At least 2,606 euro are called to park the wagon via smartphone from the outside.

Audi and BMW are cheaper

Where is the T model in comparison to the German competition using? The Audi A6 avant 2.0 TDI with 190 HP and a seven-speed DSG costs including the electric tailgate 47,100 euros, has but no air suspension on the rear axle. Slightly more expensive, the BMW 520 d touring with eight speed automatic transmission, 190 HP, and the factory rear door with electric motor is namely 47.950 euro. Up to 3,000 euro difference to the Mercedes so. To her credit, which was but said that both the Audi and BMW are at the end of its model cycle.

That will cost E 43 AMG

Already in September 2016, deliveries of Mercedes-AMG S start 43 4matic sedan. The three-liter Twin-Turbo V6 provides 401 HP that the standard all-wheel drive with rear-weighted distribution of torque helps the transmission of 520 Newton metres of torque. The standard nine - automatic transmission has shorter switching times, the Steering has been translated directly. From 75.089 euros, the fun begins, various AMG packages, rims and carbon formally invite to let off steam. (rh)