Studies for the gross

Moab (USA), 3. April 2017

Jeep shows six new concept cars. They are based on the production vehicles of the brand, work but usually quite extreme of fragile Nuri to almost already prollig. The cars on the 51st Easter Jeep Moab Safari (8 to 16 April 2017) are presented. Thousands of avid off-road fans of for rides on the famous and extremely demanding trails in Utah meet at the off-road event annually.

Grand one: Modernized ancestor

The first study is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Grand Cherokee somewhat premature, because the SUV is built since 1993, has anniversary so actually not until 2018. The Grand One is an updated copy of the first Grand Cherokee. Features include alloy wheels with gold-colored cross spoke, wider wheel arches, a lowering of height 51 mm and a subtle wood grain pattern on the sides. Also the large mud-terrain Tires immediately fall into the eye. Loving details include numbered openings in the seven-slot Jeep grille, an original car phone from the 1990s, as well as a headliner in contemporary diamonds look.

Jeep Safari: airy high-tech study

The Safari amazes with its airy and transparent architecture. The fragile-looking car is based on the Wrangler and has so called "Fenstüren", a cross between a Windows and doors. The rear doors open forward and facilitate the boarding and seating together with seats twisted slightly to the outside. There is a luggage carrier with integrated drone on the transparent roof. An iPad on the dashboard enhances the high-tech flair. Safari rolling on 18 inch wheels with 35-inch mud-terrain tires and is powered by a 3.6-liter V6.

Jeep quicksand: for the wow-ey group

The quicksand on the Wrangler, but during the Safari thing for Technikaffine is based like Safari, the quicksand is targeting the Boah ey group. The concept car is powered by a HEMI engine, the ostentatiously stretches his eight suction tubes in the sky that you want to still sound more spectacular than it looks. The missing roof and the open Windows allow the full enjoyment of the sound. The lowered hardtop with the low windshield gives a chopped-car look. The color red as the dominant inside. There's a chrome-plated roll bar behind the two seats. Also striking the gear knob made of Plexiglas. Front, the car has a winch, which is integrated in the housing of an external fuel tank.

Jeep Trailpass: improved compass Trailhawk

The Trailpass comes somewhat bourgeois and series closer. It is based on the new Jeep Compass and should be more off-road than the compass Trailhawk. These ensure a height lowering to 38 mm, 18-inch wheels with off-road tires, a touchdown protection and a roof rack with two orange sand sheets.

Jeep Switchback: Airy and robust

The Switchback looks like a more robust version of the Safari. The height lowering fails here with clear 102 mm, and also the huge mud-terrain tires in 37 inch stab in the eye. Moreover the massive steel bumper front with integrated winch. However, as the Safari, the car is very airy: the doors have air holes in the bottom and discs there seems not to be. The roof rack front contains a LED double row on the windshield, in addition to LED searchlight on the A-pillar.

Jeep Luminator: The lamp under the offroaders

The Luminator looks quite similar to the Switchback. Here, the accent was placed but even more on a good lighting hence the name. Here still magnetic underground rock lights, LED auxiliary headlights with cornering fog lights on the bumper and LED spot lights behind the windshield come to the the Switchback LED-light facilities. There's also an LED light bridge with scan function, which helps to prevent wild accidents on the dark trails on the hood. At the rear there is a brake light over the spare wheel that allows the communication with car after: Red means stop, yellow means brake to 5 km/h, Green stands for driving with five to 40 km/h and white serves as a flood light to the rear. On the roof there is a solar panel and a landing platform for a light drone.

More sales promotion as visions of the future

All vehicles were made with accessories which you can buy in the trade. Designed and built the parts are from the Group's own tuning Division Mopar. The studies should be no evidence of future models, but serve the sales promotion. (sl)