Stronger than M3 and M4 and conveniently

Buchloe, 3rd March 2017

Alpina, the further development of turbocharging and associated cooling concept at the Centre has always been. The latest result of the effort are the improved models BMW Alpina B3 S bi-turbo (based on the BMW 3 series) and BMW Alpina B4 S bi-turbo (4 based on the BMW). The 3.0 liter - six-cylinder with dual boot now developed 440 HP instead of 410 HP and brings a maximum torque of 660 nm (600 Newton metres instead of). For comparison: A M3 or M4 has "only" 431 HP and 550 Newton metres.

Larger loader for more power

The base of engine is the gasoline engine with the BMW internal shortcuts N55 2009 introduced in the BMW 535i Gran Turismo. While this aggregate has only a Turbo (a twin-scroll loader, where the exhaust gases of three cylinders separately flock to the same paddle wheel), the Alpina version has two. Well done performance by seven percent reached Alpina by interfering with engine, charging, cooling and transmission. Among other large loaders are used, the water cooler has been increased by about 20 percent, the oil cooler by 35 percent.

B3 S bi-turbo as a sedan and station wagon

The B3 S bi-turbo creates the standard Sprint to 100 in 4.3 seconds and reached a peak of 306 km/h. With the optional all-wheel drive decreases the time 4.0 seconds, the maximum speed is reduced slightly to 301 km/h. Prices start at Euro 72.900. Thus, the 440 HP strong Limousine is cheaper than the slightly weaker M3 a couple grand. For the all-wheel drive, Alpina requires 2,900 euros. Unlike the M3 the car as a combination is available. Will be due for 74.700 euros, the 4WD extra charge is the same as in the sedan.

B4 S bi-turbo Coupé and convertible

The B4 S bi-turbo is offered as a Coupé and as a convertible. Only the Coupé is also available with all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive Coupé creates the standard Sprint in 3,9 seconds, it takes 4.3 seconds for the convertible. Prices: The Coupé 75.300 euros, with all-wheel drive, there are 2,900 euros more here too. The convertible is available from 81.400 euro. Also here to save a couple of thousands compared to the corresponding versions of the M4. (sl)